How to get the Malevelon Creek Memorial Day Cape in Helldivers 2

How to get the Malevelon Creek Memorial Day Cape in Helldivers 2
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Tarran Stockton


4th Apr 2024 13:43

April 3 will henceforth be known as Malevelon Creek Memorial Day in Helldivers 2, and as a celebration of players finally taking control of robot Vietnam, the developer has rewarded the community with an exclusive cape.

Style and personalisation are a big part of the game, and despite the lack of micro customisation at the moment, I do enjoy mixing and matching helmets, armour, and capes to make a stylish Helldiver. 

If you want to do the same while also paying respect to those who lost their lives at Malevelon Creek, check out how to get the Memorial Day Cape.

How to get the Malevelon Creek Memorial Day Cape

The Malevelon Creek Memorial Day Cape has been given to all Helldivers 2 players automatically, meaning you can find it in the armoury to equip when you want.

You can find the armoury by interacting with the screens in the walkway just before the bridge. From here:

  • Select the 'Armoury' tab at the top
  • Click 'Cape'
  • Locate the 'Fallen Hero's Vengeance' cape
  • Press 'Equip'

the Fallen Hero's Vengeance cape in Helldivers 2
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The Fallen Hero's Vengeance cape is noted by the big red skill in the middle. Its description reads: "Our heroic fallen live on in this cape, guiding its bearer's aim to the heart of those who killed them."

There are no special bonuses on the item, and it functions exactly the same as the other capes in the game. While there have been rumours of cape passives and stats in the future, they're all purely aesthetic currently.

This is the first special cape to be given out as a result of the community's actions, and it's likely there will be many more in the future. I personally would love a special cape that commemorates riding a Bile Titan and blowing its head off, but we'll have to see what Arrowhead has planned.

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