How to find & kill Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2

How to find & kill Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2
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27th Mar 2024 11:44

As you battle for democracy in Helldivers 2 you’re going to need to fight off a lot of different enemies, and if you’ve seen the behemoth that is the Annihilator Tank online then you may be wondering where it’s located and how to beat it. 

In recent memory, few games have taken the internet by storm quite like Helldivers 2 - everywhere you look you’ll see clips of the game. It also means there are plenty of occasions where you have what’s next spoiled, but in this case, all it does is tease the next exciting challenge on the horizon. 

Where to find Annihilator Tanks 

Automaton planet in Helldivers 2
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You can only find these tanks on Automaton planets, so you will need to look on the left-hand side of the Command Console when choosing your next objective.

In addition to being limited to Automaton planets, you will also need to have reached difficulty level Hard for them to appear. Although they can appear on Hard, they will become a lot more common once you hit Extreme

How to destroy Annihilator Tanks

Destroying the tanks offers a challenge, but with your wits about you and some Stratagems, you should stand a chance. Here are some tips for taking out one of the more challenging enemies in the game: 

  • Aim for the glowing vents around the back 
  • Use Heavy Explosive Stratagems 
  • Try to fight where there is some cover
  • If you can climb on top of it, it can’t hit you (this is a very high-risk strategy) 
  • The turret is also weaker than the body 

That is all there is to know about taking out the Annihilator Tanks. If you’re looking for more tips, check out our Helldivers 2 homepage where we have already covered how to use the Confusion Booster, the best Guard Dogs, how to heal teammates and more. 

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