All Helldivers 2 enemy types & weaknesses, from Automatons to Terminids

All Helldivers 2 enemy types & weaknesses, from Automatons to Terminids
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Dave McAdam


20th Feb 2024 13:00

Helldivers 2 has a long list of enemy types that players must learn to overcome, both from the Terminids and the Automatons. If you've been playing Helldivers 2 and want to get to grips with the enemy roster, then look no further.

Many enemy types have specific weaknesses and won't be defeated by the basic weapons, so here are all of the bugs and bots in the game and how you can take them down.

All Terminid types and how to beat them

Below is the full list of Terminid enemy types, ranging from the most basic to the biggest bugs in the game. We have more in-depth guides for some of the stronger enemy types, which can be accessed by clicking the names with links in the tables below.

A Helldiver fighting a giant Terminid
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Bug type How to defeat it

These basic bug enemies die from a single shot from most weapons.

Not really a threat unless they manage to swarm you, so keep them at a distance.

Bile Spitters As weak as Scavengers, but with a ranged attack that you need to be ready to dodge.
Warriors Bigger and stronger than Scavengers, but still easily defeated with a few shots from any standard weapon.
Nursing Spewers

Like the Bile Spitters but much larger, these bugs will spit bile at you from a distance.

While the large sac on its back can be destroyed, you are better off focusing fire on its head.

Brood Commanders

Similar to Warriors but much larger, and with armour.

Aim for the legs to break the armour, then hit the weak spot beneath.

Hive Guards

Extremely tough armour at the front that can only be penetrated with heavy weapons like the Rail Gun.

Better to aim for the gaps between its armoured parts, or hit it from behind.


Hunters (and the smaller version called Pouncers) only take a few shots to kill but can be hard to hit as they leap at you.

High-fire-rate weapons are your best bet for them.


Larger, tougher Hunters that can turn invisible. Use smoke grenades to see them more easily, then hit them with your heavy weapons.

If a Stalker appears, that means a Stalker Nest is nearby. Head in the direction the Stalkers come from to find it and close it permanently.

Bile Spewers

Very similar to the Nurse Spewer, but it does more damage. Aim for the head to take it down quickly.

On higher difficulties, the Bile Spewer gains armour, for those you are better off focusing fire on the sides of the bug.


Chargers are the top-tier of the regular Terminid enemy types, with high damage output and a lot of armour.

The quickest way to take them down is to shoot the legs and chip away the armour there, then hit the exposed flesh.

Bile Titans

The biggest bug in the game, the Bile Titan is immune to most damage.

You will need to use Stratagems to hit it with ordinance like the Orbital Rail Cannon Strike, or the 500KG Bomb.

All Automatons and their weaknesses

Moving from the bugs to the bots, here are all of the different types of Automaton enemies and the weaknesses you need to know to dispatch them quickly.

An army of Automatons in battle in Helldivers 2
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Automaton type How to defeat it
Raiders (MG, Rocket Launchers, Assault)

The basic Automaton soldiers, easily taken down with most weapons. They can deal quite a lot of damage with machine guns and rocket launchers.

The Assault Raider has a jetpack that allows it to close the gap quickly, so be sure to take those out when you see them coming.


These are just different types of the basic bots, and pose no more threat than the Raiders.

Marauders are essentially basic Raiders with a different look, and Troopers are generally only found piloting Scout Striders.


Brawlers are similarly straightforward as the previous types, they are simple humanoid Automatons that only take a few shots to defeat.

As the name suggests, they are melee-based, as they charge at you with dual sword arms. Be sure to take them out before they get close.

Scout Striders

Scout Striders are walker mechs, like the AT-ST from Star Wars. Each one has a Trooper in the driver's seat, and taking them out is the quickest way to defeat the Scout Strider.

They are open at the back giving you a clear shot at the pilot, or you can fire rockets or grenades at the front to take out the Trooper with area of effect damage.


Berserkers are the bigger siblings of the Brawlers, they are bigger and beefier bots that charge at you with chainswords for arms.

They are tougher to take down, so aim your shots at their arms to disable their weapons and render them unable to fight.


Devastators are similar in stature to the Berserkers, but these ones are packing heat. Devastators don't have a specific weak point, you'll just need to hit them as hard as you can. The regular Devastator has a machine gun and can be taken down with regular fire.

The Heavy Devastator carries a giant shield that you need to get around or punch through with an armour-piercing weapon. Be wary of Rocket Devastators, as they can hit you with massive damage from far away.

Commissars One of the weakest Automatons in the game, basically a Raider with a pistol and a sword. The real threat with Commissars is their ability to call in Dropships by firing off a flare. Take them out before they can do so, or you will have a full squad of bots on you in no time.
Dropships These ships can be destroyed, but the real threat is the Automatons on board. If a Commissar calls in a Dropship, your best bet is to fire on the centre of the ship with an explosive weapon, like a grenade launcher. This can take out the bots before they can drop, saving you from having to fight them.
Hulk Bruisers/Obliterators/Scorchers

The Hulk Automaton is something straight out of Warhammer 40K, and it comes in three variants: Bruisers, Obliterators, and Scorchers. Bruisers have two powerful assault rifles, Obliterators add on rocket pods, and Scorchers have flamethrowers.

The weak spot for each one is the same, the glowing vent on the back of the bot. If you cannot get behind a Hulk, use a Rail Gun to destroy the weapons, or use a Stratagem like the Orbital Rail Cannon.

Annihilator Tanks

The biggest bad on the Automaton side is the Annihilator Tank. These massive tanks have a devastating cannon that will take you out from range, and a machine gun on the front that will mow you down if you get too close.

Again, there is a glowing weak spot on the back but for these beasts we recommend you do not engage, and simply use your best Stratagems to take them out.

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That's it for our rundown of all the enemy types and their weaknesses. For more info, head to our Helldivers 2 homepage where we have guides on topics like titles, emotes, reaching max level, the best armour, rescuing science teams and so much more.

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