Best Terminid loadout in Helldivers 2, from weapons to Stratagems

Best Terminid loadout in Helldivers 2, from weapons to Stratagems
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Tarran Stockton


15th Apr 2024 12:57

The pesky Terminids can be hard to deal with in Helldivers 2, as they will swarm you with massive numbers, but with the right combination of weapons and Stratagems, any bug mission can become a walk in the park.

The game has seen a number of new additions since release, with additional Warbonds giving players new firepower to test out, and free Stratagems allowing you to play your own way.

If you want to know what weapons and Stratagems work best against the Terminid hordes, I've covered some recommendations below.

Best Terminid loadout


  • Primary: SG-225 Breaker
  • Secondary: P-19 Redeemer
  • Grenade: G-12 High Explosive

When it comes to fighting Terminids (especially on the higher difficulties), it's all about effectively managing the crowd of bugs in front of you without being overwhelmed. 

The weapons I've highlighted above are perfect for this goal, allowing you to thin out the massive numbers of smaller enemies very quickly, while also having the damage capabilities to take on bigger bugs like Chargers, Spewers, and the dreaded Bile Titan.

best Terminid loadout weapons in Helldivers 2
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  • Stratagem 1: EMS Mortar Sentry
  • Stratagem 2: Autocannon
  • Stratagem 3: Orbital Laser
  • Stratagem 4: Eagle Cluster Bomb

Stratagems allow you to be more experimental and creative, so finding a definitive four to pick here is harder, but I find great success whenever I use the four that have been highlighted above.

Firstly, the EMS Mortar Sentry is a must-have for bug missions. It slows them down and lets you manage the horde far more effectively, and even gives breathing room to you and your team to call down strikes on the enemies.

Autocannon is also a personal must-have for me, due to its versatility with objectives, high damage, and large ammo count relative to other explosive support weapons. The fact it can be used to destroy bug holes, spore spewers, towers, and more makes it one of the best Stratagems overall.

The Orbital Laser and Eagle Cluster Bomb are the airstrikes of choice. The former is a fantastic way of dealing with large groupings of tougher enemies, with it shredding Chargers. The latter is a solid choice for crowd control, and a super easy strike to use on patrols.

best Terminid loadout Stratagems in Helldivers 2
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My only recommendation for armour is that you wear something light. This is because you'll want as much mobility and speed as possible against Terminids to keep away from them. I also find it to make escaping easier if I ever need to.

Armour with the Engineering Kit perk can also be super useful due to the extra grenades, but with the Autocannon this won't be too necessary.

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