Is Gotham Knights Co-Op?

Is Gotham Knights Co-Op?
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4th Oct 2022 10:10

If you're here, then you probably want to know if Gotham Knights is playable in co-op. Gotham Knights will have us battle all manner of villains as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Red Hood. All four characters are playable, but is there a way to team up with your friends in online co-op? Here's what we know about a potential Gotham Knights co-op mode.

  • Will you be able to play Gotham Knights on the Switch like Hogwarts Legacy? 

Can You Play Gotham Knights Multiplayer?

Gotham Knights Co-Op
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Warner Bros. Games has confirmed that Gotham Knights will have two-player online co-op when the game releases on October 21. There are four characters in total, but unfortunately, you can't squad up with that many people. It won't be like Destiny 2 or Back 4 Blood because of this. 

As you team up in this open world, you'll be rolling around in the Batcycle, taking out thugs from the streets of Gotham, and trying to defeat tough villains like Mr. Freeze, so you can save the day. You don't need to play the game always in co-op, however. You can check out Gotham Knights by yourself as if it's a regular Batman Arkham game


While you play Gotham Knights, you may want to switch characters. Thankfully, you can do that and access each of their unique abilities. Nightwing brings out his Escrima Sticks while Robin fights with his iconic quarterstaff. Red Hood meanwhile uses his strength. as Batgirl lashes out her melee tonfa. We can see players of Gotham Knights playing the game more than once to fully experience each character. Heck, you won't get the full story without playing multiple walkthroughs of Gotham Knights, apparently.

Is Gotham Knights Crossplay?

Gotham Knights Batgirl
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Unfortunately, you will not be able to play with your friends across different consoles. "Cross-play support is not planned at this time," WB Games says in an official Q&A. This could heavily impact your enjoyment of Gotham Knights. Be sure to find a friend on the same console network as you before purchasing the game if you want to play co-op. Remember that you can play the game by yourself as previously mentioned. It's not like It Takes Two

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