When is the Gotham Knights release time?

When is the Gotham Knights release time?
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21st Oct 2022 17:04

Gotham Knights release time is nearly upon us, the game launches soon and many fans are eagerly awaiting the time the game goes live. Gotham Knights is a brand new DC Comics game that shines the spotlight on the proteges of Batman. The release time and the release date are fast approaching. Here is everything you need to know about the Gotham Knights release time.

Gotham Knights Release Time: When Is It?

Gotham Knights releases at midnight (12 AM) on Friday, October 21. With that day soon upon us, exactly what time the game becomes available is important to know. Oftentimes, games will launch with a staggered release time based on varying time zones.

However, Gotham Knights is doing the classic midnight launch, regardless of time zone. Wherever you are in the world, at midnight on Friday (meaning Thursday night) you can start playing. If you have the game pre-ordered and pre-installed, you will be ready to go.

Gotham Knights Release Time: How To Play Early

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If you really cannot wait until midnight on Friday, there are some ways to cheat the clock. As the game is releasing at midnight in every region, and midnight happens earlier in eastern regions, this means the game is technically available earlier the further east in the world that you are. If you live somewhere like Japan or New Zealand, the game will be available hours before it becomes available in the UK or in the US.

If you are playing on PC, there likely isn't much you can do to get early access. If you are playing on PS5, it is possible to set up a New Zealand based account, and buy the game on the New Zealand PS5 store. This is a lot of hassle just to play the game a few hours early. However, if you are playing on Xbox, you can do something similar but much simpler.

In your Xbox settings, you need only change your location and language settings to New Zealand. Then restart your Xbox and you will be able to launch the game once midnight passes in New Zealand.

That is it for the Gotham Knights release time. For more on the game, check out our Gotham Knights homepage for guides like how long does it take to finish Gotham Knights, or our Gotham Knights review.

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