Gotham Knights Maps: The Boroughs And Districts Of Gotham

Gotham Knights Maps: The Boroughs And Districts Of Gotham
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Gotham Knights map is one of the most detailed depictions of Gotham City we have ever seen in a game. Gotham Knights puts the city front and centre, with many districts to explore. The map contains many of the famous locations from the history of DC comics set in the city. Here is a rundown of the boroughs and districts that make up the Gotham Knights map.

Gotham Knights Map: North Gotham

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Starting from the top of the map, North Gotham makes up some of the classic areas of the city. There are three districts in this borough, Gotham Heights, Robinson Park, and Bristol. Gotham Heights is an old residential part of the city, and it features the Gotham City University. Robinson Park is an old public park, the one-time site of the World's Fair, now largely rundown and used by criminals. At the north end of the park is the Saul Erdel Planetarium, and the Gotham Reservoir.

Bristol is another residential area, featuring some of the more macabre parts of the city. This includes Gotham Cemetary, and also the infamous Arkham Asylum. This old area of the city at the base of the hills is steeped in history.

Gotham Knights Map: New Gotham

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New Gotham is a bit of a misnomer, as history is everywhere in this city. The two districts that make up this borough are Otisburg and the Bowery. Otisburg is mostly large skyscrapers, it is where you will find both Wayne Tower and Lucius Fox's Foxteca. Much of the area is under construction, so cranes line the sky.

The Bowery is one of the most lively parts of Gotham. It is here you will find the famous Park Row, and the Monarch Theater. The district is dominated by the Knightsdome Sporting Complex, the home of the Gotham Knights- the football team, not the superheroes. The Bowery comes to an end at the Cape Carmine lighthouse.


Gotham Knights Map: Downtown Gotham

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Downtown Gotham cross the river, consisting of both the West End and the Financial District. The West End is the life and soul of the city, filled with apartments and businesses. The GCPD Major Crimes Unit is here, along with Gotham City General Hospital and the Gotham Gazette. This is a busy part of town, with elevated train tracks covering the many busy streets.

If the West End is the life and soul, then the Financial District is the beating heart. The Financial District contains some of the most important buildings in the city, such as the Union Station Belfry, GCN, The Iceberg Lounge and the Elliot Center. When they talk about Gotham as a mustling metropolis, this where they are talking about.

Gotham Knights Map: Historic Gotham

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Historic Gotham is exactly what it says, one of the oldest parts of the city. It contains two districts, Old Gotham and Tricorner Island. Old Gotham is the origin of much of the city's infrastructure, such as the Gotham City Hall and GCPD Central headquarters. This is where the old money thrives, in places like the Powers Club. Towering above this part of the city is Gotham City Cathedral.

Then across the bridge you have Tricorner Island. This historic shipping area is the seat of Kane Industries, one of the most imposing towers in the city. There are some classic structures from the early years of Gotham here, like the old barracks and Fort Dumas. Capping it all off is the Statue of Justice, a beacon of the city.

Gotham Knights Map: Lower Gotham

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Finally we have Lower Gotham, the home of Gotham's industry. The two districts in this borough are the Cauldron and Southside. The Cauldron was once a mine, but in the many years since it was active it has become a place where people live and work. This sunken region is made up of narrow, winding streets, and in the centre Paris Island rises above it all, a monument to the area's history.

Down in Southside is where the hard work is done. This area is filled with factories, mills and plants. Towering above it all is Cobblepot Steel, a huge gothic skyscraper. Several of Gotham's prominent corporations have a presence here, such as Waynetech and the S.T.A.R. Labs. A lot of pharmaceutical work is done here in places like Ocran Chemicals and Dagett Labs. Finally, the massive Dixon Docks is the modern hub of Gotham's imports and exports.

That is it for this rundown of the boroughs and districts that make up the Gotham Knights map. For more on the game, check out our Gotham Knights contacts guide.

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