What Is The Max Level In Gotham Knights?

What Is The Max Level In Gotham Knights?
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20th Oct 2022 12:00

Gotham Knights is a fairly lengthy game, and it might take players a long while before they hit max level. In a step away from the Batman Arkham games, Gotham Knights utilises an RPG levelling system to pace its gameplay and story. Enemies and gear each have their own levels and statistics, and your heroes also have a level that increases as they progress through the story. But what exactly is the max level that you're working towards in Gotham Knights? Keep reading to find out.

Gotham Knights Max Level

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If you're playing through the main story of Gotham Knights for the first time, then the max level you can reach is Level 30. It should be noted that the character level only dictates the amount of relative XP you have earned for completing missions and objectives. Increasing your character level will earn you AP currency that can then be spent on new skills in the tree.

You should also bear in mind that your character level transfers across all four of the heroes. If you reach Level 15 as Red Hood, then you are also Level 15 as Batgirl. The overall character level is separate from the level of your gear - this influences your power level, not your character level.


To summarise, increasing your character level will allow you to unlock more skills in the skill tree, and can be done so by completing missions and side objectives. To improve your health, defence, and damage output statistics, you should look to craft better suits, melee, and ranged equipment.

Gotham Knights New Game Plus Max Level

While Level 30 is the first level cap in Gotham Knights, there is actually a second one if you plan on playing in New Game Plus. Should you decide to take on the Gotham Knights story for a second time round, then you can expect to work towards a second cap of Level 40. This should give eager players some breathing room to unlock new skills and use them in earlier parts of the Gotham Knights story.

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