Gotham Knights Contacts: How To Complete Missions For Contacts

Gotham Knights Contacts: How To Complete Missions For Contacts
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Gotham Knights contacts are folks around the city who can help the Bat-family out. Gotham Knights gives you the city of Gotham to explore and defend, and there are folks who can help you out along the way. Contacts are various individuals you will encounter throughout the game who will give you tasks to complete. Here is everything you need to know about Gotham Knights contacts.

Gotham Knights Contacts: Who Are They

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Gotham Knights contacts are folks who make contact with the Knights in order to request their help. There are a number of these people, starting with Detective Montoya. The detective was a protege of Jim Gordon, and one of the few cops who aren't corrupt and still believes in the vigilantes. She has a prominent place in the story, with a similar relationship to the Knights as Gordon had with Batman.

Lucius Fox also appears in the game. No longer with Wayne Enterprises, Lucius now has his own company, Foxteca. Lucius continues to provide technical support to the Bat-family, outfitting them with new equipment. Another ally of the family is Dr Jada Thompkins. Her mother, Leslie Thompkins, also worked with Batman to provide medical support in dangerous situations. Penguin also makes an appearance on this list, now a "legitimate" businessman, he provides information to the Knights in order to reduce crime in his area, specifically to suit his needs.

Finally, a group of concerned citizens known as The Watch also help out the Knights. This group previously gave information to Batman, who instructed them to contact the Knights should he ever disappear.


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Gotham Knights Contacts: What Do They Do

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Outside of just being a part of the story, the contacts you meet throughout Gotham Knights will provide you with challenges to complete. These challenges tend to be quite general, such as stopping a certain amount of crimes or defeating criminals in an area. Some contacts will want you to solve particular crimes, such as Dr Thompkins, who tasks you with stopping organ trafficking crimes, or Detective Montoya asking the Knights to bring down corrupt cops.

In the Challenges menu, there is a Contacts tab. This will keep track of all your currently active challenges that involve your contacts. They give you some extra incentive to complete tasks in the open world, and each challenge rewards you with crafting materials, mods, and experience. Completing challenges for contacts is a great way to level up your characters and outfit them with better gear.

On top of those challenges, you can visit members of the Watch during patrols when you see them on your map. Speaking with them will give you temporary challenges, that are usually specific to that member's area of the city. You can complete these challenges for some handy bonuses.

That is it for Gotham Knights contacts. For our thoughts on the game, check out our Gotham Knights review.

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