How To Play 'It Takes Two' Together With The Friends Pass

How To Play 'It Takes Two' Together With The Friends Pass

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Katie Memmott


21st Apr 2021 12:10

Hazelight's It Takes Two offers a delightful co-op experience for you and a friend, as you traverse a fantasy wonderland as either Cody or May and encounter wacky adventures along the way.

Released on March 26, 2021, to rave reviews, the platform action-adventure co-op game has captured hearts across the world with its charming gameplay.

Can you play It Takes Two on your own?

It Takes Two does not offer a solo option (as the name should suggest) and allows you to choose from couch co-op or online co-op, with an added bonus of split-screen too.

So, what happens if only one party owns the game? Never fear, Hazelight thought of everything when they came up with their ultimate co-op title, and the Friend's Pass feature will solve that problem.

It Takes Two Friend's Pass

The Friend’s Pass feature allows owners of the game to have a friend play with them online for free! The game is available on PC via Origin or Steam, as well as the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store.

On any platform, load up the respective store and search for 'It Takes Two' to find the Friend's Pass. Download, install, invite, and play!


It Takes Two Friends Pass
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Each platform treats the Friend's Pass feature differently, some as an add-on, others as a demo or separate game. 

The Steam version has its own page, the Origin version is located on the store page (where it says Get The Friend’s Pass) just below the option to buy the game.

The Microsoft store for Xbox files the Friend's Pass a separate listing, while the PlayStation Store listing of It Takes Two will appear as a demo next to the PS4/PS5 purchase option. 

Both console options require their respective online subscriptions to play together (PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold).

Can you play It Takes Two with just the Friend's Pass?

Weirdly, yes! Even if neither player owns the full game, a duo can still hop in and play the first chapter of It Takes Two if they both have the Friend's Pass installed (acting as an extended demo). When and if you decide to purchase the full game, your progress will be saved.


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Images via Hazelight Studios

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