Gotham Knights Suits: How To Unlock New Suits And Transmogs

Gotham Knights Suits: How To Unlock New Suits And Transmogs
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20th Oct 2022 12:00

Gotham Knights suits are arguably the most important part of the game, because what's the point in fighting crime unless you look good doing it? Gotham Knights gives you not one but four superheroes with their own unique looks to customise. Suits can be collected and crafted throughout the game, and each one has a bevvy of customisation options. Here is everything you need to know about how to unlock new Gotham Knights suits.

Gotham Knights Suits: How Suits Work

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As you play through Gotham Knights, you will be changing your suits fairly regularly. As you level up, you will need to equip new gear that matches your level in order to keep up. You will upgrade your weapons to increase your damage, and your suits to increase your defence. As a result, you will be hoping from one suit to the next, likely only wearing a suit for one night before upgrading it.

Each suit you equip has its own unique look. There are more than a dozen suit styles; each one has customisable cowls, logos, gloves and boots, and can have any of your unlocked colour schemes applied to it. When you equip a suit of a certain suit style, you can customise it as much as you like. If you would prefer it to look like a different suit altogether, you can use a transmog of any other suit that you have unlocked. However, transmogs cannot be customised as the base suit can.

Gotham Knights Suits: How To Unlock New Suits

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Throughout the game, you will acquire new suits in two ways; earning them and crafting them. As you play the game, complete objectives and move through the main story, you will naturally accrue new suits. Particularly as you play through the main story, those missions will often reward you with new sets of gear appropriate to your level. This is why you will be consistently changing your suits as you play, as new ones are given to you all the time.

You can also craft new suits. Whenever you are back in the Belfry, it is always a good idea to check the crafting menu. You will be able to quickly see if you have any craftable gear that is better than what you currently have equipped. Also, crafting gives you a little more choice on which suit you wear. In the late game, your goal will be to craft legendary suits, which is where you will get to put a bit more thought into your choices. Until then, you will mostly be hot-swapping suits, customising them to your taste and applying transmogs for any you aren't a fan of.


Gotham Knights Suits: How To Unlock Transmogs

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Transmogs give you the ability to apply any suit style to the one you are currently wearing. You will be stuck with the basic version of that suit, but it does mean you can completely change the look of a suit if you are not happy with the design. Most transmogs are quite easy to unlock, and you will easily pick up a few of them on your playthrough.

To find out exactly how to unlock them, go to the Crafting section of the Challenges menu. These challenges are how you unlock new colour schemes, known as colourways, and transmogs. Most of the challenges are straightforward, for example, to unlock the Shinobi suit style, you need to craft a Shinobi suit. Whether or not you can craft a Shinobi-style suit is a bit random, you'll need a blueprint for a suit with this style. Your best bet is to keep a regular eye on your crafting menu, when you see a suit with a style you do not have the transmog for, crafting it will generally get you the transmog for it.

That is it for Gotham Knights Suits, for more on the game check out our Gotham Knights Batarangs guide.

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