Gotham Knights Transmog Explained

Gotham Knights Transmog Explained
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20th Oct 2022 12:31

If you're playing Gotham Knights, you might be wondering what the Transmog feature does. As we know, video game characters are all about repping the drippiest fashion rather than sporting gear with the best statistics. While you might have unlocked an incredible-looking suit, it might not actually be the best option for engaging in combat. That's where the Transmog system comes in, allowing you to utilise a cosmetic style while retaining the statistics of another piece of gear. Here's how you can use the Transmog system in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights: How To Use Transmog

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Using the Transmog system in Gotham Knights is a very simple process. Firstly, select the piece of gear that you'd like to retain the statistics from in the Gear menu. Typically, this will have the highest number of all your gear, but you may also choose to equip something with a specific elemental resistance.

Next, press the right trigger to head into the Styles submenu. Here, you can customise exactly how you'd like your hero to look. If you scroll to the left and right of the first menu option, you'll see all of the other suit styles that you've unlocked for your chosen character. For example, if you own the Deluxe Edition of Gotham Knights, you'll see the Beyond suit listed here. Once you've found a suit that you like the look of, press the selection button to apply the Transmog. This will retain the statistics of your original gear while applying your preferred cosmetic lick of paint.


However, it should be noted that Transmog Suits cannot be customised. Although it's possible to tweak elements of each armour set, this feature is not available on Transmog versions of suits. It's a frustrating setback that players will have to deal with if they want to play the fashion game in Gotham Knights. That's all for how to use the Transmog system in Gotham Knights.

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