Gotham Knights How To Unlock Fast Travel

Gotham Knights How To Unlock Fast Travel
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While speeding around Gotham on the Batbike is plenty of fun, you'll want to know how to unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights. Open worlds can be a joy to explore, especially if there are lots of secrets and side quests to uncover like there are in Gotham Knights. However, sometimes we just want to get to where we want to go and do that quickly. A fast travel mechanic is available in Gotham Knights, but it's not useable from the very start of the game. Here's how to unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Gotham Knights

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If you want to zip around Gotham at the speed of sound from the very beginning of Gotham Knights, then you're out of luck. The game forces you to stick to the trusty Batbike for a couple of hours before the joys of fast travel are bestowed upon you. Simply play through the main story missions until you unlock the quest titled 'Lucius Fox'. The description will read: "Lucius Fox has some help to offer that will let you move around Gotham City more easily.". Head to the objective marker at Foxteca to learn more.

When you reach Lucius Fox, he will unveil the invisible glider that will serve as your new method of transportation around Gotham City. However, it can't be used until the GCPD drones in each suburb of the city are disabled. Think of them like fast travel towers in Assassin's Creed, but instead of climbing them you need to scan them.


To unlock a fast travel point, look for one on your map and head to the location. Once there, you should see between one and three drones hovering around in the night sky. You'll need to get close to them and scan them with your AR vision to deactivate them.

Some drones are protected by a security shield. This shield is deactivated when the drone returns to a docking station to charge. Keep following these drones until they reach a docking station and scan it while it's unaware. Once you've scanned all of the drones in a given area, you'll be able to fast travel to that point.

Once a fast travel point is unlocked, you can select it on the main map screen to instantly travel to it. It's also worth mentioning that the Belfry is automatically unlocked as a fast travel point. Once you've finished all of your quests for the night, you can simply fast travel to the Belfry instead of driving your way there. That's all for how to unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights.

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