Gotham Knights: How To Switch Character

Gotham Knights: How To Switch Character
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20th Oct 2022 12:22

One of the biggest selling points of Gotham Knights is that you can switch character to one of Batman's four apprentices. Gotham Knights includes Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood all as playable characters with their own unique combat playstyle. Especially when paired up with a co-op buddy, it's fantastic to see them interact with each other on screen. However, did you know that you can swap between these characters during the main story? Keep reading to find out how to switch character in Gotham Knights.

How To Switch Character In Gotham Knights

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Despite being one of the game's biggest features, it's not actually all that obvious as to how you can switch between characters in Gotham Knights. After selecting your chosen character at the start of the game, it's easy to think that you're stuck with them for the rest of the story. However, switching characters in Gotham Knights is easier than it looks, it's just not available in any of the options menus.

To change character in Gotham Knights, you must first head back to the Belfry Clock Tower. This place acts as a hub for the main open world and lets the heroes have some downtime between fighting crime. Once you're in the Belfry, head towards the left of the main bank of computer screens opposite the entrance. Here you will spot a lineup of four mannequins, each weaning the suits of our four main characters. Simply walk up to the character you'd like to play as and press the selection button. You will see your character change on screen and will be able to play as them in the open world.


It's definitely worth switching your character while playing Gotham Knights. For a start, it keeps the gameplay fresh as each character has their own unique combat abilities. On top of that, they each have their own unique cutscenes that can be witnessed around the Belfy tower. This helps to gain more of an insight into their characters and how they're feeling at key intervals in the story.

So, now you know how to switch character in Gotham Knights. For more Gotham Knights guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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