How To Visit Weapons Expert In Destiny 2

How To Visit Weapons Expert In Destiny 2
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18th Jan 2023 15:25

The Destiny 2 weapons expert is a classic character that players need to visit this week. Destiny 2 has several ongoing questlines at the moment, sending Guardians here, there, and everywhere. The weapons expert is a required step of one of these quests, but who they are is not expressly stated. Here is how to visit the weapons expert in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Weapons Expert: Who Is It?

Destiny 2 Weapons Expert: Banshee in his shop
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The weapons expert in question is Banshee-44, the aged Exo who arms Guardians at the Tower. In order to complete this step of the Should You Choose To Accept It quest, you simply need to pay Banshee a visit.

If you are new to Destiny 2, or simply haven't been to see Banshee in a while, his shop is easy to find. Go to the Tower, specifically the central landing zone. When you spawn in, you will be facing the Traveller. Ahead of you and to the right is the way to the Bazaar. Banshee's shop is on the left just as you pass under the upper area.

Destiny 2 Weapons Expert: What Makes Him The Expert

Destiny 2 Weapons Expert: The object in question, the Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle
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As an Exo, Banshee is essentially a human soul placed in a mechanical body. As such, he has lived for a long time, as many Exos do. However, living so long takes a toll on the human mind, even in digital form, and so Exos require their memories to be periodically wiped. That is why most Exos have a number at the end of their name, it signifies how many "lives" they have lived.

Most Exos only get their memories rebooted a handful of times, making Banshee-44 an outlier with such a large number. It is said that his many reboots is the contributing factor to why he has trouble remembering things.

Further, part of the reason why Banshee is so long-lived and has had his memory reset so many times is that he is, in truth, an Exo copy of Clovis Bray. Bray copied his consciousness into an Exo body hundreds of years ago, during his work which created the mechanical life forms. This is why Banshee-44 is the Tower's gunsmith, and why he has a hand in the creation of almost all exotic weapons.

That is it for this Destiny 2 weapons expert guide. For more tips, why not check out our Destiny 2 Operation Seraph's Shield walkthrough.

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