Destiny 2 Verglas Curve: What It Does & How To Get It

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve: What It Does & How To Get It
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Dave McAdam


1st Mar 2023 10:44

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve is one of the powerful new exotic weapons added with the Lightfall expansion. Destiny 2 character builds are never complete without an exotic to tie them all together. Verglas Curve is a Stasis weapon, part of a concerted effort to bring some life back to the subclass. Here is everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Verglas Curve.

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve: What It Does

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve: A Titan holding the bow
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As mentioned, Verglas Curve is an exotic bow. This brand-new Stasis weapon is great for Stasis builds as it can freeze multiple enemies at once.

Verglas Curve is a Stasis weapon, this much is evident based on the fact that it quite literally shoots ice arrows. As Stasis has fallen off a little over the last year, it seems Bungie is determined to bring it back with some new weapons and armour.

The unique perk of the weapon is Hail Barrage, which builds up Stasis arrows on final blows. Then, your next hip-fire shot fires all built-up arrows in a single volley, freezing several enemies at once. 

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve: How To Get It

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve: The stat page for the weapon
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Season Pass holders and fans of bows can rejoice, as they need to do very little to get this bow. The Verglas Curve is the seasonal exotic weapon for Season of Defiance. This means that players who have purchased the season pass can access the weapon instantly.

Players who did not, thankfully do not have to miss out. The weapon is also available on the free track of the season pass, at level 35. So everyone can get it, with a little bit of work.

That is it for our Destiny 2 Verglas Curve exotic machine gun guide. For more on the new exotics, check out our Destiny 2 Swarmers guide.

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