Here's how you can reach the power cap quickly in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Here's how you can reach the power cap quickly in Destiny 2: Lightfall
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3rd Mar 2023 12:16

Destiny 2: Lightfall is finally here, and with that, we have a new power cap. While you can level up and reach the different level caps in Destiny 2: Lightfall over time as you did in past seasons and expansions, players who want to try out the new The Root of Nightmares raid or such end-game content at the earliest must know how to reach power cap fast.

How to reach the power cap quickly

To reach power cap quickly, you must know about the three different power caps we currently have, the soft cap, the powerful cap, and the pinnacle cap. 

For Lightfall, the soft cap is Power Level 1750, the powerful cap is power level 1800, and the pinnacle cap is power level 1810. Depending on each power cap, you must tackle different activities to reach the respective cap and finally the max level cap, power level 1810.

How to reach the soft cap

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To reach the soft cap in Destiny 2: Lightfall, we recommend playing the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty. Since there are not many missions in it and the solo Legendary run is optimized by Bungie for lone wolfs, you can complete the entire campaign quickly and reach the soft cap of power level 1750.

While you are at it, keep opening Prime Engrams as soon as you get them, as they offer +1 gear which doesn't scale with your current power level. Say you obtained Prime Engrams when your character power level was 1616. Opening the Prime Engram will give you gear with power level 1617. 

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But if you open the Prime Engram when you are already at 1617 or higher, you will still be getting gear with power level 1617. And that is why you should use them as soon as you get them.

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Apart from that, keep looting the blue item drops and either equip them or infuse them to increase your character's power level constantly. Almost every drop you get before the soft cap is above your current power level.

How to reach powerful cap

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Once you have reached the soft cap in Destiny 2: Lightfall, you must focus on farming Weekly Bounties to obtain Tier 1 and 2 powerful gear. The Tier 1 gear will reward you with a +1 gear, and the Tier 2 will give you a +2 gear based on your current power level.

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Here are the different Bounties and activities that you must complete to reach powerful cap quickly:

  • Gambit Bounties (8)
    • Rewards you with Tier 1 powerful gear 
  • Crucible (8)
    • Rewards you with Tier 1 powerful gear 
  • Vanguard (8)
    • Rewards you with Tier 1 powerful gear 
  • Dares of Eternity (3)
    • Rewards you with Tier 1 powerful gear 

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  • Nimbus Reputation Rank
    • Rewards you with Tier 2 Powerful Gear with each Reputation Rank 
  • Giving Commendations to Hawthorne (20)
    • Rewards you with Tier 2 Powerful Gear 

While grinding, open Prime and Exotic Engrams to obtain higher level gear to increase your power level and reach the powerful cap quickly.

How to reach pinnacle cap

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You can reach pinnacle cap, you must perform activities and Bounties that reward you with pinnacle gear. Most of the time, when you hover over an activity, you will find whether it offers pinnacle gear or not.

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To make things easier, here are the things you must grind to reach pinnacle cap quickly:

  • Complete three matches in any Crucible playlist.
  • Complete three Gambit matches. 
  • Complete Dares of Eternity with a score of 250K or above. 
  • Complete Nightfall Strike with a score of 200K. 
  • Complete the Vanguard playlist with matching elements. 
  • Complete Spire of the Watchers' Dungeon
  • Complete The Root of Nightmares Raid

Note: When writing, The Root of Nightmares Raid is not available and will release on reset on March 10, 2023, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.

  • Complete weekly featured Raid Boss.
  • Get a Team Score of 100K or higher in Strike.
  • Complete Iron Banner challenges.

If you complete the above activities once you have attained powerful cap, you will quickly reach the pinnacle cap, which is the current max level in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

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