Where to find the Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2

Where to find the Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2
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25th May 2022 14:24

Destiny 2 Pleasure Gardens is a key area to explore in Season of the Haunted as it's not only related to quests, it's also a great place to acquire new Season of the Haunted weapons. Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2 is particularly important if you're looking to pick up those Opulent Keys too, so you are going to need to know how to get there.

Below, we'll run you through the Destiny 2 Pleasure Gardens location so that you can get to exploring this Season of the Haunted area and make some progress on collecting some Opulent Keys.

Where can you find the Pleasure Gardens?

If you've made your way into the Leviathan and are looking for Pleasure Gardens, you're not alone. There are no real map indicators as to where this area is located so if you're not familiar with the Leviathan you might get lost in the inner workings of the behemoth.

To find Pleasure Gardens, you will have to make your way to The Castellum. This is the first place you will enter after spawning in the landing zone.

After making your way into The Castellum head to the large Callus statue which will be directly opposite. Go all the way around the back of this statue, do a 180, and there will be an open door. Progress through here.

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Once in this area, carry on down the tunnel and when you reach the end, you will be greeted by the all-important Pleasure Gardens. There are no other off-routes in this tunnel, contrary to the rest of the Leviathan, so there's little chance of getting lost once you've reached this point.

Now you've found Pleasure Gardens, now begins the hunt for Opulent Key chests and defeating what powerful enemies lie ahead!

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