Destiny 2 Partition: How to access, how to complete & powerful rewards

Destiny 2 Partition: How to access, how to complete & powerful rewards
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8th Mar 2023 16:37

Destiny 2 Partition is an end-game mission with a weekly powerful reward. Destiny 2's endgame has many options for players looking to get powerful gear and level up. Partition will be part of everyone's weekly rotation on the road to max level. Here is everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Partition.

Destiny 2 Partition: How to get started

Destiny 2 Partition: Getting the bounty from Nimbus
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Partition does not become available immediately after completing the Lightfall campaign, although you do need to be at least that far through. Nor does it unlock at a particular level, instead you need to complete some quests. Those would be the Hall of Heroes quests that you get from Quinn in Neomuna.

These quests teach us a bit about the history of Neomuna and the Cloud Striders, while also opening up more activities and features. Work your way through to the Bluejay quest, during which you will be introduced to Partition. Once you complete the quest, the mission will be available to you going forward.

Still, there are more steps. To repeat Partition after the quest, you will need to complete the Weekly Partition Challenge which you can get from Nimbus. This involves gathering 8 Shellcode Fragments from Vex enemies in the Incursion Zone, as well as a Polymorphic Engine from the Terminal Overload key chest.

So all in all, you need to make sure you have a Terminal Overload key, complete a Terminal Overload while gathering 8 Shellcode Fragments and the Polymorphic Engine, hand in the bounty, then you can take on the weekly Partition mission.

Destiny 2 Partition: How to complete

Destiny 2 Partition: Fighting the boss at the end of the Partition mission
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Partition is not just one mission: so far, there have been two. Each week, there will be a different mission from the last, likely based on a rotation of missions. So far we have seen two missions, Hard Reset and Backdoor.

Hard Reset involves racing on your Sparrow against the clock, to find and disarm bombs placed by the Shadow Legion. You will need to be quick here, and ignore most fights to make sure you get to the bomb. The boss of the mission is the bomber. After doing enough damage to him you will need to race to disarm a bomb. Disarm the bombs quickly and take down the boss to finish the mission.

Backdoor works quite differently. No bombs this time, at least none you have to diffuse. This mission has you fighting against waves of powerful Vex. Defeating these powerful enemies will have them drop Logic Bombs, which you need to throw at the correct point to take down Vex Firewalls and move forward.

The final boss is a Wyvern with an invincible shield. To break it, you need to get more Logic Bombs and throw them at the boss. Fight your way down to the final arena where you can defeat the Wyvern and complete the mission.

Regardless of the mission, Partition activities can be quite tough. They are level 1790 and have plenty of modifiers to make them even harder. They aren't totally impossible at lower levels, so long as you make use of those modifiers with a suited and powerful build.

Destiny 2 Partition: Rewards

Destiny 2 Partition: collecting rewards from the chest
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As you can imagine, there are rewards for completing Partition. Your first completion each week will award you a piece of pinnacle gear. This means it will be five levels higher than your current power level, which is huge for levelling up.

Also, pinnacle drops are the only way to get to the pinnacle level cap of 1810. As such, Guardians will be regularly completing Partition missions for weeks and months to come.

That is it for our Destiny 2 Partition guide. For more on the game, check out our Destiny 2 Lightfall Vexcalibur exotic mission guide.

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