Destiny 2 Into the Light early patch notes include weapon changes, Onslaught mode & more

Destiny 2 Into the Light early patch notes include weapon changes, Onslaught mode & more
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9th Apr 2024 17:16

Early patch notes for Destiny 2's Into the Light update are here, giving us details on some of the changes coming to the game.

The update brings us big new additions and brings back some classics, but also features a bevvy of smaller changes. Here's a rundown of everything we know is changing in Destiny 2 when Into the Light launches.

What are the big changes?

We have a much more in-depth breakdown of the new features included in Into the Light, but the broad strokes are as follows:

  • Onslaught - a new wave-based horde mode
  • Brave Arsenal - courtesy of Lord Shaxx, many classic weapons are returning with new features and a fresh coat of paint
  • Hall of Champions - a new social space dedicated to the new update and the Brave Arsenal
  • Exotic Missions - Zero Hour and The Whisper return with updates, bringing craftable versions of Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected
  • New Crucible maps - Three new maps coming to PvP modes, called Eventide Labs, Cirrus Plaza, and Dissonance
  • Pantheon - a new boss rush mode where players can challenge Raid bosses one after another

It is worth mentioning that not all of these new features are coming on April 9. Into The Light is an ongoing release and some of this content will be released over the next few weeks.

Into the Light early patch notes

The Recluse, one of the weapons returning in Destiny 2 Into the Light
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With regards to sandbox changes coming with Into the Light, we got a good look at the weapon changes in a recent This Week at Bungie post. Many of these changes are targeted at the weapons relevant to the update, like the exotics from the returning missions, and the weapons featured in the Brave Arsenal.

The patch notes are as follows:

Weapon Archetypes

  • Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers
    • Increased impact damage by 40%.
  • Lightweight Bows
    • Increased base damage by 6%. (Le Monarque and Wish-Ender are not affected by this change.)
  • Precision (450 RPM) Auto Rifles
    • Reduced base damage by 5%.
  • Precision Hand Cannons
    • Increased base damage by 6%.
    • Increased body shot damage by 1%.
    • Increased critical hit damage by 4%.
  • Rapid-Fire Pulse Rifle
    • Increased body shot damage by 3.5%.
    • Increased critical hit damage by 1%.
  • Lightweight Pulse Rifle
    • Increased body shot damage by 6%.
    • Increased critical hit damage by 3%.
  • Adaptive Pulse Rifle
    • Increased body shot damage by 5%.
    • Increased critical hit damage by 2%.
  • Rapid-Fire Scout Rifle
    • Increased base damage by 2%.
  • Precision Shotgun
    • Corrected a rounding issue that was causing Precision Shotguns to require one extra pellet to kill max-resilience Guardians.


  • Whisper of the Worm
    • Increased total ammunition from 18 to 24 (before reserves mods).
  • One Thousand Voices
    • Increased total ammunition from 7 to 11 (before reserves mods).
  • Quicksilver Storm
    • Increased shots to trigger rockets by 50%.
    • Reduced grenade area-of-effect damage vs. combatants by 37.5%.
  • The Last Word
    • Increased base damage by 6%.
  • Forerunner
    • Increased base damage by 6%.


  • Master of Arms (Recluse unique perk)
    • Reduced the damage bonus from 20% to 15%.
  • Magnificent Howl (Luna's Howl unique perk)
    • The number of Precision final blows before reloading affects the total rounds granted with increased range and damage. Precision final blows while Magnificent Howl is active extend the effect for additional rounds.
  • Micro-Missile (The Mountaintop unique perk)
    • Redesigned this perk to be a weapon intrinsic and rebuilt it to do less direct damage vs. players, while giving it dramatically more self-physics impulse.
    • Retuned its PvE damage to be competitive with other Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers.
    • Granted it a slightly increased reload speed.

Crucible-Only Changes

  • Reduced flinch taken by all Primary weapons by 15%.
  • Sunshot
    • Increased Precision damage by 11%.
  • Wish-Ender
    • Reduced base damage by 5%.
  • Corrected some weapons getting incorrect ammo amounts from the meter rewards and crates.

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That's it for the early patch notes for Into the Light. No doubt there will be more to talk about over the coming days, so check out our Destiny 2 homepage where we have info on Onslaught and the server status for the new update, as well as our regularly updated weekly reset, Lost Sector, Trials of Osiris, and Xur guides.

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