Destiny 2 Cloudstriders: What We Know About The Defenders of Neptune

Destiny 2 Cloudstriders: What We Know About The Defenders of Neptune
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Destiny 2 Cloudstriders were a surprise reveal in the reveal of the Lightfall expansion. Destiny 2 is an ever-expanding sci-fi universe, and with the next expansion, we are reacquainting ourselves with some fellow humans who have been living in secret out on Neptune. These people have their own champions, much like Guardians, known as Cloudstriders. Here is everything we know so far about Destiny 2 Cloudstriders.

Destiny 2 Cloudstriders: Who Are They?

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In the reveal of Lightfall, Bungie showed that not only is there a lost human civilization on Neptune, but that that civilization was untouched by the Collapse, and has had centuries to advance its technology. The people of Neptune are a glimpse of what humanity could have become if the Darkness had not wiped most of us out. Neomuna is the capital city of this group, and it is protected by the Cloudstriders.

Cloudstriders are, at least on face value, comparable to Guardians. In so far as they are powerful warriors who defend their people from invaders and threats. We do not know if they have ever acted outside the bounds of Neptune, they have managed to keep their presence completely unknown within our own system for centuries, so it really is impossible to say what they are capable of. We do know that they have spent many years defending their home from the Vex, who have a significant presence on Neptune.

One thing the developers at Bungie made a point of is the key difference between how one becomes a Guardian versus how one becomes a Cloud Strider. Guardians are chosen by their Ghost, so by extension, they are chosen by the Traveller. Conversely, Cloud Striders choose to become Cloud Striders. Guardians are functionally immortal, there is no limit to how many times our Ghosts can bring us back. Many Guardians are hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Cloud Striders, on the other hand, are not immortal at all. In fact, the process of becoming a Cloud Strider shortens their lifespan to about a decade. These brave individuals accept this reality so they can be augmented into powerful warriors and defend their people.


Destiny 2 Cloudstriders: What They Can Do

An image of a Cloud Strider, showing the nanotechnology they use as weaponry
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It is still early days, so exact details are very few right now. However, we can glean some very interesting insights about the Cloudstriders from the Lightfall trailer, and the showcase in which they were revealed. As mentioned, Bungie described the Cloud Striders as comparable to Guardians.

Now, considering Neptune was untouched by the Collapse, it seems a safe bet to say that there are no Guardians on Neptune. The Cloud Striders do not get their power from the Traveller, and cannot wield the Light as Guardians do.

While wielding Light and Dark are, on the surface, the source of a Guardian's power, their true power comes from their paracausality. Long story short, Guardians are some of very few living beings in the universe who can, and regularly do, change their fate. Guardians operate outside the set order of the universe, bending it to their will. They do this, the Traveller does this, the Witness can do this. Ultimately, this is the truest power in the universe. If the Cloud Striders are paracausal entities like the Guardians, that would make them exceptionally powerful as well. It seems a safer bet that they are not, and that their strength lies in their superior technology, but there is a hint in the trailer that says they just might be like us.

In the Lightfall trailer, there is a clip that implies one of the Cloud Striders is shooting at a pyramid ship. You see the shot land, and in the next clip you see a Cloud Strider with weapon in hand. The interesting thing is, while we cannot say for certain, it seems like the shot makes a solid impact with the pyramid ship.

This is important because pyramid ships have a paracausal field around them, conventional weapons generally cannot even touch them. The warmind Rasputin hit them with everything he had, and even he was found wanting. The simple fact that the Cloud Strider's weapon made contact with a pyramid ship means one of two things; the Cloud Striders have paracausal abilities, or they have technology sufficiently advanced so as to overpower the paracausality of a pyramid ship.

We know their technology is extremely advanced so that seems more likely, but possessing technology that can damage a paracausal entity is massive. Regardless, this means they are exceptionally powerful, and may be the ally we need to defeat the Witness.

That is everything we know about Destiny 2 Cloud Striders so far. For more on the game, check out our Destiny 2 Season of Plunder guide.

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