How to get Acasia's Dejection in Destiny 2

How to get Acasia's Dejection in Destiny 2
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14th Mar 2023 16:10

Acasia's Dejection is a new trace rifle that many players are going to want to have. Destiny 2 weapons have their pros and cons, and when a weapon like this comes along, players tend to jump on it. Acasia's Dejection is a versatile weapon, but it absolutely shines when used in the Crucible. Here is how to obtain the weapon in the game.

How do you get Acasia's Dejection?

Acasia's Dejection is one of the rewards available in the Root of Nightmares raid. As with all raids, loot is awarded after completing each encounter, and some loot is specific to certain encounters. Acasia's Dejection is a potential drop from the second encounter, called Scission, and the third encounter, the boss fight with Zo'Aurc.

Destiny 2 Acasia's Dejection: Entering the root of nightmares raid
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You do have another chance to get the weapon, as any weapon can drop from the final encounter, the boss fight with Nezarec. If you do manage to get Acasia's Dejection from either source, you can grab another one from the end of the raid, and from raid chests.

The reasons you might want extra copies of the weapon are to get different perk rolls, as well as Deepsight versions so you can eventually craft the weapon.

Acasia's Dejection God rolls

There are a couple of perks that this weapon rolls with that can be really good. Some players have brought Acasia's Dejection into the Crucible and had a lot of success with it. Perks that work well here are the likes of Keep Away and Reconstruction.

Destiny 2 Acasia's Dejection: The weapon's perks
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Overall, Reconstruction is probably the key perk you want in any roll. It refills the weapon's ammo automatically and does so up to double the weapon's capacity. For a trace rifle, this is paramount as they can absolutely eat through your special ammo.

So overall, the best perks you can get for this weapon are Reconstruction with Paracausal Affinity. This is a new perk that so far seems to only be available on Root of Nightmare weapons. It grants a 20% damage boost to the weapon after a kill with any damage of matching alignment.

To put it simply, get a kill with either Solar, Void, or Arc damage and your Acasia's Dejection will get a 20% damage increase. Yes, this also includes the Solar damage that the weapon itself does, so you can just use the weapon to clear out enemies and get a consistent 20% boost.

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