Xbox fan gets rinsed after slamming Spider-Man 2 playtime

Xbox fan gets rinsed after slamming Spider-Man 2 playtime
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3rd Oct 2023 14:30

The race for Game of the Year is hotting up, with the big three all boasting their own contenders. Nintendo has Tears of the Kingdom, Xbox has Starfield, and PlayStation has Spider-Man 2. Other titles are in the running, but in all likelihood, one of this terrific trio will take the crown. 

Much like how Rocksteady breathed new life into the stagnant superhero genre with Arkham Asylum, Insomniac Games replicated this formula for Marvel's Spider-Man in 2018. With the OG being the best-selling PS4 game of all time, there are equally high hopes for Spider-Man 2 to perform.

Xbox fanboy called court over Spider-Man 2 criticisms

While most are excited to swing across the New York City skyline once again, there's a vocal minority that has pulled the superhero adventure into the console wars. Much like a failed petition to bring Starfield to PlayStation, the Spider-Man haters are onto a loser with this tirade.

Posting on Twitter, streamer Darrius Fears has been on a Rhino-inspired rampage against Spider-Man 2. Leaks claim that the main story of Spider-Man 2 will take around 15 hours to complete, with a modest 26-hour platinum. Coupling this with Spider-Man 2's new-gen price tag of $70, Fears is less than impressed.

It's true that Starfield is a suitably massive title that's hoping to become another multi-year addition to the Bethesda family, but still, Spider-Man 2 is looking pretty great. Fears' timeline is full of pro-Starfield views and Spider-Man 2 critiques, which hasn't gone unnoticed by his critics.

Someone responded to Fears, saying, "Glad PlayStation understands nobody wants a boring bloated Open World game. A quality 30 hours is much better than a quantity 100+ hours." Another added, "This is from a member of the 'greatest community' being great. I'm embarrassed to be associated with you even if just by which console we play." 

One wrote, "Cmon man, you hated the Starfield slander, don't go bashing Spiderman, it's a good game, different type of game then Starfield," while a fourth concluded, "Damn so the game is about double the length of the last one. That’s cool. Games don’t need to be 500 hours to be good, ESPECIALLY single-player games."

Is it Starfield vs Spider-Man?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter and Miles
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Spider-Man 2 isn't even out yet, so it's too early to call whether it'll be a contender for Game of the Year. Let's remember that while Starfield was praised as being a massively ambitious game, it was far from perfect. Alongside the usual Bethesda glitches, plenty agreed it wasn't the best-looking game.

On the reverse, Spider-Man 2 might be lacking the longevity of Starfield, but looks like it's more than making up for it with graphical capabilities. Microsoft is often called out for its lack of Xbox exclusives, while the likes of Spider-Man 2 are a big reason people have bought a PS5.

Fears might be jumping the gun with his Spider-Man 2 slander. For many, it's Tears of the Kingdom and Baldur's Gate 3 that are the frontrunners for Game of the Year. None of this matters anyway because, in case you hadn't noticed, Starfield and Spider-Man 2 are completely different games going for different audiences. 

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