Spider-Man 2 players flame Mysterio ‘downgrade’

Spider-Man 2 players flame Mysterio ‘downgrade’
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Tom Chapman


15th Sep 2023 09:25

There's no place like dome - at least, that's the vibe that Insomniac Games is going for with Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

The much-hyped sequel to 2018's Spider-Man is nearly here, and as Peter Parker joins forces with Miles Morales, it looks like this dynamic duo has their work cut out for them.

Promising a bigger and bloodier sequel, it's not just the fact that Insomniac has doubled the map size that'll give you more bang for your buck in Spider-Man 2. There are more villains than ever, and although Kraven is sharing the sinister spotlight with Venom, a who's who of Spidey rogues are breaking free from the Raft.

Spider-Man 2 players spot Mysterio tease

Spider-Man backed itself into a bit of a corner by focusing on the Sinister Six in the first game. Still, the game is bringing back some familiar faces alongside newcomers like Lizard, Yuri Watanabe's villainous turn as Wraith, and what looks like Mysterio.

Although Spider-Man 2 hasn't confirmed Quentin Beck and his villainous alter ego, you didn't need to look too hard to see a tease of the fish-bowled foe. During the latest footage reveal, one moment sees Peter swooping around the city skyline with his new web wings. Notice the green symbol of an eye floating in the sky.

We guess this will be one of the many side quests, presumably having to pass through the markers like Batman: Arkham City's training missions. If that wasn't enough, others have spotted a mystery character who is wearing a purple coat and scarf against a green backdrop. Come on, this has to be Beck.

Spider-Man 2 players hate Mysterio design

Given Jake Gyllenhaal's acclaimed performance as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, there were high hopes that Insomniac's take on the character would be equally beloved. Instead, players don't seem to be sold on this new version of Mysterio.

One joked, "That's Doctor Octavius without the glasses from Spider-Man 1," while another added, "And people said the Far From Home design was bad."

A third said, "Insomniac really fell off after the first game." It seems most have forgotten this likely isn't his actual Mysterio suit and is just regular Beck out of costume. 

Similar to how Tinkerer split critics when it came to 2020's Miles Morales, the jury is still out on Mysterio. As Insomniac has done such a great job of giving us fresh spins on the likes of Doctor Octopus and Mister Negative as sympathetic baddies, we're excited to see what they do with Mysterio. Just make sure he has the dome. 

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