Starfield sets an unfortunate Bethesda record

Starfield sets an unfortunate Bethesda record
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26th Sep 2023 10:45

Though Starfield might be the badge that Bethesda will wear for some time, the company has clearly had its fingers in the industry for a long time, and players are infatuated with its long career.

Pioneering the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, as well as having a hand in the likes of DOOM and Dishonoured, the team has an awful lot of bangers under its belt. Players know this damn well - it's why hopes were so high for Starfield in the first place.

Despite this, there are still sceptics, not only of Bethesda's ability to turn out a quality game, but also of its dedication to Xbox. And now, it's rubbing off on its stats.

Starfield sets unfortunate Bethesda record on Steam

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That's not a good look. Though many are adoring their interplanetary adventures in Starfield, controversy has dragged it into the mud, meaning it's currently sat as the worst-rated game that Bethesda Game Studios has ever made on Steam.

The game is sat on a Mostly Positive rating, which is a good look outwardly, but given that it has almost 25,000 negative reviews, it counts as the worst-reviewed that the company has ever had.

As reported by SteamDB, Starfield's Steam rating is 71.38% which scrapes underneath Fallout 76. The 2018 apocalyptic adventure came with one of the worst launches in gaming history but has since turned it around and sits at 71.76%. Yikes.

Why is Starfield so poorly rated?

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There are a number of factors that have pushed the game to a rating like this, and as is standard, none of them have anything to do with the game itself.

Many fans have decided that Starfield needs to be dragged down simply because it was locked into PC and Xbox consoles, and some are still disappointed that the ex-PlayStation exclusive no longer touches the platform.

Plus with a wealth of man-children complaining about the options to select your pronouns in the character creator, their sobbing has manifested in some angry down-rates. Then again, it could always be worse, at least it doesn't sit at 30.12% like Arkane's Redfall, which was also published by Bethesda Softworks.

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