PlayStation fans won’t give up on Starfield PS5 petition

PlayStation fans won’t give up on Starfield PS5 petition
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Tom Chapman


8th Sep 2023 13:42

What's wrong with a little healthy competition? If Jim Ryan and Phil Spencer can agree to disagree, then why can't Sony Ponies let Xbots have their fun? One of the PlayStation 5's big selling points has been exclusives like God of War Ragnarok, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and the Final Fantasy 7 remakes, but what about Xbox?

The Green Team has had a run of middling releases, and after Halo Infinite failed to really be the flagship the Xbox Series hoped for, Redfall tanked. Thankfully, we had Starfield to look forward to. From the first reviews, it looks like it's the Xbox exclusive we need right now - which has rattled some PlayStation owners.

PlayStation fans want Starfield to be a PS5 exclusive

Starfield faction shooting
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There are plenty of sci-fi games for PS5 players to enjoy, with the likes of Returnal scratching that outer space itch. This isn't enough for a vocal minority, who are calling out Bethesda's new union with Microsoft by demanding that Starfield become a PS5 exclusive. Yeah, good luck with that one. 

A petition doesn't just want a PS5 port of the game, but is titled, "Make Starfield a PS5 EXCLUSIVE!!!!" A pretty lengthy rant claims that Bethesda games have performed better on Sony consoles for the past decade, with a scathing jibe of, "Xbox and specially Phill Spencer have NO BUSINESS taking them away."

Echoing the worries of the UK's Competition and Market Authority and USA's Federal Trade Commission about Microsoft's impending Activision Blizzard acquisition, the petition maintains that Starfeidl's exclusivity hurts players through monopolisation. 

The ramblings don't end there. Saying that "Xbox and its 12 dedicated players do NOT deserve Starfield or any exclusivity" the petition demands that Microsoft be stripped of its Starfield exclusivity and that the baton be handed to Sony. Even if Starfield has plummeted like Redfall, that was never going to happen. 

The console wars are hotter than ever

Starfield astronaut cockpit
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Whatever you think about Microsoft vs Sony (while Nintendo does its own thing), it seems not many of you agree with the Starfield petition. At the time of writing, 3,943 have signed the petition, with just 95 this week. Given that this is the week Starfield launched, you might expect a few more to have joined the cause.

Despite what an increasingly vocal number of angry players think of Starifeld and its pronouns, Sony doesn't seem too worried. God of War's Cory Barlog has been playing, and Alanah Pearce defended herself playing, saying she's pretty sure PlayStation Studios Head Hermen Hulst is also enjoying Starfield. 

It's true that you likely have a favourite console and lean a certain way, but with those at the top trying to distance themselves from the idea of bloody console wars, that isn't trickling down. As gamers paint their faces in either blue or green and defiantly wave their controllers, the success of Starfield is only driving a wedge between them. 

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