Leaked Gen 9 Pokemon Called 'Lazy' By Fans

Leaked Gen 9 Pokemon Called 'Lazy' By Fans
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Tom Chapman


11th Nov 2022 10:55

Forget a new region, riding around on the back of Transformer-inspired Pokemon, or even sultry gym leaders that leave some of you sexually confused, the real reason we're excited about a new Pokemon game is to see which new critters are expanding our Pokedex.

As we enter Gen 9, the Pokedex nears 1,000 Pocket Monsters - which is a truly baffling fact. According to the deluge of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks, we're adding about 100 new 'Mon to our party, with some sure to become fan favourites. Sadly, while we can't wait to see Sprigatito and its evolutions, others are being branded as pure 'lazy.'

Why Are The Gen 9 Pokemon 'Lazy'?

And you thought Klefki was lazy as just a bunch of keys. We'll admit that the starter three of Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito have gone down a treat, while other reveals like Lechonk and Greavard are imaginative additions 26 years after we first met Pikachu.

Noted Twitter account Centro Leaks has collated all the leaks and showcased every Gen 9 Pokemon. Alongside the ones that have been officially showcased, there are evolutions for Greavard (Houndstone), a Paldean Tauros evolution, and adorable Tadibulb (a prevolution of Bellibolt). Others aren't quite as popular, as Wugtrio looks like a lazy Dugtrio counterpart, Wattrel is basically another generic bird, and WTF is Bramblin... a literal tumbleweed Pokemon.

The biggest part of the leak is obviously the starter evolutions. Ever since we got the first reveal of Scarlet and Violet, we've been dying to know what the OGs turn into. As well as sexifying Sprigatito - which we warned would happen - there's the predictable confirmation that Fuecoco will turn into a four-legged fire dragon as Skeledirge. It's a mixed bag, and to be honest, we're most confused by the Minecraft-esque Naclstack.

Fans React To Lazy Gen 9 Pokemon

Over on Reddit, disgruntled gamers quickly tore the new 'Mon apart. Ironic because there have been complaints that Gimmighoul looks just like the Reddit mascot. Pointing out some of the questionable names, one critic wrote, "I know people joke about Gen 1 Pokémon being just a recoloured animal with an exaggerated silhouette called something else (Rattata, Ekans, etc) but like that is a flamingo. that is just a f*****g flamingo, they've not a single thing to separate it from its real-life counterpart they've taken a flamingo and called it flamigo. this is so f*****g funny."

Someone else said, "The dolphin was…unexpected lol but I really hate the Minecraft looking Pokémon, they feel so out of place." Another grumbled, "This is the first Gen where I truly find all three starters finals to be atrocious," while a fourth concluded, "Is it just me, but do the Pokemon in S/V just seem... Idk... Lame? None of them seem to be very strong or intimidating. The names are kind of dumb. It just all seems very lazy when it comes to design." With the game out in a matter of days, sorry gang, this is what you're stuck with... a flamingo without the "n."

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