Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Reveals Its Legendaries Are Flying Motorbikes

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Reveals Its Legendaries Are Flying Motorbikes
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Joseph Kime


3rd Aug 2022 14:36

The new Pokemon Presents showcase has finally aired, and it has proven that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are going to be incredibly ambitious. The presentation revealed some details about the upcoming Pokemon World Championships, as well as Pokemon Cafe Mix, and Pokemon Unite - but let's be honest, we were here for the details about the upcoming mainline games. And the footage certainly delivered.

We got a look at new Pokemon, a hint at the landscapes of Paldea, and the stories we can follow. Importantly, we also got a closer look at the Pokemon that grace the covers of the games. It looks as though they're taking up a much different role than the legendaries before them.

Scarlet And Violet's Cover Stars Are Rideable Motorbikes That Fly

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Reveals Its Legendaries Are Flying Motorbikes
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New footage for Scarlet and Violet has revealed that the cover stars of the game (Koraidon and Miraidon) will serve as your "companion" throughout the game.

The latest trailer shows the player riding both Pokemon, letting nothing stand in their way as they gallop and glide across sea, land, and air. They can climb up mountains too, meaning that the pair are the perfect traversal pal - practically taking up the space of the many Pokemon that you'd use to travel the world using various moves.

All of this means that you might not be forced to teach your Pokemon important moves to get across the world, which is a total treat, all things considered. We're also far beyond the days when you had to find the Bike Voucher to get a nippier mode of transport.


What Else Did The Pokemon Presents Reveal?

Not only did we get the fresh look at the uses of the new legendary Pokemon, we got to see some new beasties including the adorable Fidough, a new battle gimmick called Terrastallizing, and a better look at the co-op integration.

Everything can be seen in the replay of the presentation, and it's worth picking apart - especially as we've got a new Paldean form of Wooper. And it's adorable. Scarlet and Violet are looking very exciting, and who knows they could be the best mainline games in the series yet. Either way, we can't wait to make the most of Koraidon and Miraidon and the franchise's very own Transformers. 

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