Pokemon’s The Indigo Disc DLC leaks sound like a horror game

Pokemon’s The Indigo Disc DLC leaks sound like a horror game
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27th Oct 2023 18:45

A renowned Pokemon leaker has said players may be asked to make some difficult choices in The Indigo Disc DLC.

With players reportedly having to choose who to save, this DLC seems to be shaping up to be a lot darker than was initially expected.

The second DLC for Scarlet and Violet might be the darkest Pokemon story yet

While Pokemon doesn’t typically spend too much time focussing on darker topics, they do pop-up from time to time.

Based on some hints from known Pokemon leaker, Riddler Khu, it seems like players may be asked to make some choices that could be a matter of life and death in The Indigo Disc DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Namely, players may be asked to decide which characters to “save” with characters like Carmine, Arven, Kieran, Nemona, and Penny all potentially on the chopping block.

Khu has even alluded to the fact that some of these characters may die, which is a topic rarely examined in the Pokemon franchise.

While nothing is confirmed, it has been theorised that the storyline may have something to do with the peach Pokemon, connected to the Loyal Three from the first DLC, which seems to have the power to bring back the dead.

Players have a lot of theories about what could happen in The Indigo Disc

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Part of the charm of Khu’s leaks is that they are never straight-forward and instead are told in riddles.

As a result, there is a lot of debate as to exactly what the meaning of their leks is.

A popular theory is that some characters and pokemon will be turned into controlled “zombies” and players will need to choose who they save.

On a thread discussing the leaks, one redditor said: “If I remember correctly, there's some data for ‘zombies' which people assume will be characters/pokemon under the control of whoever gave the lousy three their toxic chains. Supposedly it takes Terapagos’

 power or controls it, thus making itself very powerful.

“The "save" thing will apparently be an option to choose which character(s) we get to save from being ‘zombified’.”

Naturally, nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo and, given the secretive and puzzling nature of the leaks, it is important to remain sceptical of any information we have at the moment.

It would definitely be interesting to see Pokemon place more emphasis on the importance of player choice though, particularly regarding these darker themes.

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