Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fans 'Sexually Confused' By New Gym Leader

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fans 'Sexually Confused' By New Gym Leader
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4th Aug 2022 10:16

Pokefans are many things, but two, in particular, are creative and h*rny on Main. With the upcoming release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we're dying to know what's new - as we get ready for our ninth generation of those adorable Pocket Monsters. 

Away from Lechonk, Fuecoco, and Fidough already becoming early favourites, there's a brand-new region in the form of the Spain-inspired Paldea, Koraidon and Miraidon as rideable transformers, and a whole host of new gym leaders to take on. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet proves we've come a long way from Lt. Surge, but safe to say, one of the new additions has left players questioning their sexuality. 

Why Is Grusha Leaving Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fans Sexually Confused?

We've already covered how players were thirsting over Professor Sada and Professor Turo in the first reveal, but now, you randy players have someone else in your sights. The latest Pokemon Presents showed off a tonne of details, but while some of us were thinking about how garish the Terastallized Pokemon look, most of you were ogling Grusha - the ice-type gym leader.

We only got a glimpse of Grusha in action - cutting an imposing presence with blue hair and their face covered by a scarf to protect them from the cold of Paldea's ice region. Within moments of the trailer, X-rated fan art flooded the Twitterverse, showing Grusha as a woman. In typical h*rny gaming circles, Grusha had a large pair of breasts and not much else - we'll leave it up to your imagination. 

As pointed out by Kotaku, your lust for Grusha soon changed when you realised she is a he. The official game details confirm the leader of Glaseado Gym is male and uses he/him pronouns. Now, there are some seriously red-faced Pokeplayers who are questioning their own sexuality. 


Fans React To Grusha's Gender

You had the typically toxic fandom that couldn't seem to accept you could have a male trainer that isn't bulging with muscles and sprouting hair all over their body. One critic sniped, "Pokemon more like wokemon, make Grusha female as god intended." On the whole, most accepted this break from your classic Pokemon norms of gender. Someone cheered, "Grusha is about to cause a whole new generation of gay thoughts in dudes who thought they were straight and I for one look forward to witnessing their impact XD"

There's no word on Grusha's sexuality, but already, the LGBTQ+ community is trying to adopt him. You might remember the discourse surrounding Pokemon Sun and Moon's Ilima. The Melemele Island trail captain is canonically male, but with his androgynous appearance, many thought they'd identify as non-binary. It's become a point of contention that Pokemon isn't ready to fully embrace LGBTQ+ representation, and unfortunately, Grusha has proved that. Still, at least we can agree he's one good-looking guy. 

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