Indigo Disk DLC could introduce a new Pokemon type

Indigo Disk DLC could introduce a new Pokemon type
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Joseph Kime


4th Dec 2023 17:10

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet aren't quite done yet, as we're finally just around the corner from the release of its next DLC instalment, The Indigo Disk. It may be the game's final content addition, so we'll soak it up while we can. Even mere days from its launch, we don't entirely know what's in store for us.

There are a lot of secrets still yet to be revealed by The Indigo Disc, especially when it comes to new Legendary forms, but there's still a mountain of possibilities.

New leaks are indicating that a change once thought too big to grade a mere DLC pack could be coming with The Indigo Disk.

Pokemon’s Indigo Disk could introduce new Pokemon types

The reputable Pokemon leaker Centro Leaks has claimed that a brand-new Pokemon type could soon be touching down in the franchise via the upcoming Indigo Disk DLC.

Fans have wondered ultimately how many more types can be introduced to the game, but it seems the franchise has at least one more in it, as Centro Leaks has revealed that the "Stellar" type (a rough translation) could be yet to come.

We don’t know anything about this potential type beyond its codename here, but it certainly evokes an interplanetary vibe, perhaps finding itself attached to Pokemon that are specifically from space.

It's bizarre to see a potential new type appear in a DLC - but it looks like it could even be exclusive to the DLC itself. From staples like Fire and Water, we've seen everything from Fairy to Steel, leaving us questioning how many more types can be added.

Stellar Pokemon could stay in The Indigo Disk

The key art for Pokemon's Indigo Disk DLC.
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Though the idea of a new type implies that there could be new space-based Pokemon that spread out across the franchise, there are some theories that rather than being an all-encompassing type, the Stellar Pokemon could simply be a new mirroring version of the Terastal phenomenon, which began in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

While there are no confirmations or denials about the type itself, there's no way to tell for sure - but it's a compelling claim. Either way, it looks like something new and intergalactic is coming to the highly-anticipated DLC. Space helmets on, everyone, we're exploring the cosmos.

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