Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are about to be invaded by Eevee

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are about to be invaded by Eevee
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13th Nov 2023 15:10

Sitting between DLC packs, it's easy to feel that once The Indigo Disk appears, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will have run their course.

It's a shame, as even though the games were wrought with bugs and glitches at launch, they managed to do the unthinkable by proving that a brand-new Pokemon generation coming only a few years after its last was an idea with any sense.

Either way, we're bracing for what could be the first step towards something new , but before that, there are events to be enjoyed. A new one has appeared that is set to bring a stampede of Eevee to Paldea.

A wave of Eevee is coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

It looks like an influx of Eevee is making its way to Scarlet & Violet, as an upcoming event is set to bring a true stampede of the babies to the latest generation of monster-catching mayhem. Eevee Day is happening on November 21 (yes, that's a real thing, we're stoked about it too).

The Pokemon Company is getting ahead of proceedings by offering us new event for the weekend before. It will bring a wealth of Eevee to the open areas of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet between November 17 and November 20.

The "mass outbreak" of the Pokemon adds a new Tera Raid Battle featuring a glistening Eevee, and it'll be easier for players to find a shiny Eevee out in the wild across the entirety of the Paldea region and across Kitakami if you own the Teal Mask DLC.

Will I find more Eevee if I have the Scarlet & Violet DLC?

An Eevee ready to pounce in the Pokémon anime.
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While Eevee is pretty well spread out across the regions of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it does look like those who own the existing DLC for the games will have more surface area to work with when it comes to searching for Eevee.

It doesn't necessarily mean you'll find more Pokemon on your travels, but means you'll have more scenery to enjoy while you're doing your mind-numbing grinding in your search for all of the Eeveelutions. Don't panic if you haven't got the DLC - you'll still have the chance to get all of the Eevee you crave.

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