The Teal Mask DLC theory teases the strangest Legendary Pokemon yet

The Teal Mask DLC theory teases the strangest Legendary Pokemon yet
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19th Sep 2023 16:00

Though the launch times for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's first DLC proved to be one hell of a faff for eager players, fans are finally taking The Teal Mask a spin. Thankfully, it's the extension of our current Pokemon generation that many have been waiting for.

There are lots of discoveries and Pokemon yet to be found in Kitakami, but in the meantime, players are lapping up the mystery and enjoying the chance to return to Scarlet & Violet. Among the new additions to be found, there could be a secret Legendary Pokemon that we hadn't predicted.


SPOILER WARNING This contains spoilers for The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


The Teal Mask is teasing a new legendary Pokemon

The narrative of The Teal Mask has given way to plenty of theories, and it looks like fans reckon there's a brand new Legendary Pokemon coming to the series in the next instalment of Scarlet & Violet's DLC.

A new post in the game's subreddit has revealed that Japanese message boards are theorising that a new "peach-like" Legendary Pokemon is on the way, connected to fairy tale Momotarō.

As reported in the Reddit post, there are hints found throughout the locations of the DLC that the peach-like Pokemon could have something to do with the posion-rock type Pokemon Glimmora, and serves as the champion of the "loyal three."

The Loyal Three of Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti have a mysterious master, which is represented by the purple chains attached to them. The legend of Momotarō follows a boy who was born from a peach and adopted by a childless couple.

Peach Boy left to fight demons as a teenager and became freinds with a dog, monkey, and pheasant (look at Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti). The thread notes a peach-like figure seen on the shelf when Carmine and Kieran’s grandfather tells them about Ogerpon.

Going further into speculative territory, some think the unknown master of the Loyal Three is related to Glimmet and Glimmora thanks to being Poison-type Pokemon and being tied to the Terestal phenomenon. Remembering this line is a seed and flower evolution, it's not too much of a reach to imagine a peachy appearance.

It's a compelling argument, and it could serve as a pretty cool return to extended mythos of legendary Pokemon - but we're going to have to wait and see if it actually springs to life.

Fans react to peach-like legendary speculation

The Loyal Three as they appear in The Teal Mask.
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"Sounds like a neat theory, but I'd be curious to see when it'd show up in game," adds one commenter in the replies of the post. "The only remaining plot thread in Kitakami is how/why there are Tera crystals in the crater/lake. Seems like that would focus more on Terapagos than a potential peach-don."

"It being related to Glimmora sounds actually interesting given that Glimmora is supposedly connected to the teracrystals, so that could connect the loyal 3 to the crystals," adds another. "Though it'd likely be a diancie situation where the momotaromon is a special legendary evo of glimmora that you normally can't get."

It's certainly a fascinating theory, and we'd be keen to see where it goes - after all, we've spent so long being handed Legendary Pokemon. With The Indigo Disc due out in winter 2023, there isn't too long to wait until the story continues. Let's go catch ourselves a whopper and potentially serve a slice of peach pie.

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