Forget Part 1: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are already hyping second DLC

Forget Part 1: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are already hyping second DLC
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Joseph Kime


3rd Aug 2023 16:35

Pokemon's step into DLCs has been a pretty strong success, even if we're still nostalgic for a third game per region in place of it. As of late, Pokemon has chosen to extend the stories of its mainline titles with downloadable content, while fans are eating it up.

We're on the cusp of experiencing a new adventure with Scarlet and Violet, as its first DLC threatens to launch in Winter as The Teal Mask. But The Pokemon Company is seemingly more excited about what will follow.

Pokemon is advertising its second Scarlet & Violet DLC

Though we're yet find out when the first DLC pack for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will actually launch, it looks like Pokemon is putting the cart in front of the Rapidash, as the team is already gassing up the second pack on Twitter.

The account reminds players of how excited they are to explore the Terrarium in The Indigo Disk, the second DLC pack set to come to the latest mainline games. We weirdly seem to have forgotten that the first one hasn't come out yet. In fact, we don't even have a concrete release date for it.

Fans naturally aren't very happy about it, and they're concerned that if this continues, we'll be stuck with The Pokemon Company racing too far ahead for us to be able to keep up to date.

Fans react to The Pokemon Company jumping the gun

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk
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Pokefans have jumped into the replies of the original tweet from PokemonNewsUK, confused by its promotion of a DLC that is so far off. One laughed, "Pokemon we need to do Part 1 first," while another added, "Could you give us release date? I can't make plans for upcoming months not knowing when the DLC releases."

A third joked, "Bro you didnt even tell us the release date of part I and are yet alrdy advertising part II… are you serious?" Someone simply guessed the team forgot that one comes before two. Fans aren't stoked, but that's mostly because we're agonising in the wait for the first DLC pack. Come on, Pokemon, treat us.

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