Pokemon’s The Teal Mask's secret area is filled OP Magikarp

Pokemon’s The Teal Mask's secret area is filled OP Magikarp
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Joseph Kime


18th Sep 2023 11:15

We've got a lot of time for Magikarp. Useless by itself, yes, but that's not its fault. Asking what's basically an overgrown goldfish dragged onto land to hold its own against monsters made of steel and fire-breathing dragons isn't fair, and we expect so much of it, especially as we know what it becomes when it evolves.

However, we could be about to duck the headache of levelling up a Magikarp too much, as there's one pond in the latest Pokemon DLC that could give you that high-level Gyarados you want in no time at all. We're still discovering the secrets of Scarlet & Violet's The Teal Mask DLC, but trust us, this one's worth it.

The Teal Mask is hiding over levelled Magikarp

The Pokemon anime's space-jumping Magikarp, floating in the great expanse.
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It looks like among the secrets that are buried in The Teal Mask, there's a chance for you to grab a souped-up Magikarp that will take only a single level to become the Gyarados you're looking for.

As reported by Dot Esports, if you head off to a small corner of Fellhorn Gorge, you'll find a pond that features a lot of high-level water and flying-type Pokemon. This includes a collection of Magikarp that can reach as high as level 100 - though we doubt you'll want a Magikarp that's stuck as a goldfish forever.

If you're able to catch one of these OP Magikarp, all it takes is the grind of one level or a single Rare Candy to transform them into a killing machine of a Gyrados, giving you a serious edge in battle with an incredibly statistically advanced Pokemon.

Pokemon loves to give players high-level Magikarp

The villa in Pokemon Platinum.
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This pond is part of a fairly long-standing tradition that somewhere on the map, there's a small pond that offers players hugely over-levelled Magikarp. The most iconic example of this can be found in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, offering players a pond by The Resort that offers fishies of level 60 and above.

Better yet, The Teal Mask's magic Magikarp pond also apparently had the opportunity to nab a shiny Magikarp. It's a fun little feature of the games, and if you can push that Pokemon over the edge, you've got a real beast on your hands. We imagine a shiny Gyrados is more useful to you than a goldfish gagging for oxygen.

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