Game Freak, Please Don't Make Sprigatito Sexy

Game Freak, Please Don't Make Sprigatito Sexy
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3rd Mar 2022 15:39

We're on the cusp of a new dawn for the Pokemon franchise, and as we get our first glimpse of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there's a trio of starters waiting to bust out of their balls and give you a big hug. Whether you're a Fuecoco fan, think Quaxly is queen, or stan Sprigatito, the three Gen 9 starters have become some of the most talked-about starters in generations.

Put it this way, at least the Gen 9 staters are definitely better than Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. Although we've already covered how Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's chonky Fuecoco has become a firm favourite, it's being outshone by another in terms of Twitter trends. The affectionately named Weed Cat, aka Sprigatito, is grabbing our attention for all the wrong reasons. Namely, everyone is asking what this little kitty is going to turn into.

What's The Deal With 'Sexy' Pokemon

Back in Gen I, Pokemon were just those adorable 'mon that you used to take on rival trainers. Any Google search for "sexy Pokemon" (watch your history) will come up with tier lists that are distinctly lacking Gen I. Yeah, so Machoke has that whole muscular daddy vibe, but then you've got something like Jynx that resembles a busted drag queen. However, as the generations have gone on and we seem to be running out of ideas - we're looking at you Klefki - there's an odd trend of sexy Pokemon. 

Going with the whole mantra of Rule 34, of course there are rankings of the franchise's sexiest Pocket Monsters. Most put Lopunny right at the top, which we guess is a throwback to Lola Bunny become a sexy symbol when Space Jam introduced her. Are rabbits really that sexy? We also seem oddly obsessed with Tsareena, with the buxom plant Pokemon being known for using stomp

If the Pokemon games were available on PC, you can bet your bottom dollar certain corners of the internet would've modded all sorts of NSFW mods into the game. I mean, it looks like that's what the dark Palworld is going for. If you look hard enough, you'll also be able to find a game called Dirty Pokemon - which does exactly what it says on the cartridge. With you randy gamers refusing to just accept Pokemon as a family-friendly world, someone is sure to find the saucy side of Gen 9. 

Will Game Freak Make Sprigatito Sexy?

Sexy Gen 9 Pokemon
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Alongside fears we’ll get a two-legged final evolution that'll turn this adorable house cat into a Thundercat clone, some are convinced Game Freak is going to "sexify" Sprigatito. More though than any generation we can remember, players seem baffled about what the big three are going to turn into. We don't know why Sprigatito has been singled out over Fuecoco and Quaxly, but either way, this foxy feline could be destined for a seductive glow-up. 

There's a whole Reddit thread titled "Please for the love of god keep Sprigatito quadrupedal." With 7k upvoted, the discourse revolves around how putting Sprigatito's final form on two legs would undoubtedly turn it into a centrefold of Pokemon Playboy. Presumably shaking their head, one fan wrote: "All those starters are gonna end up as furries again. The final forms of the starters since gen 5 have mostly been disasters."

We've already found Deviant Art of a final-form Sprigatito looming over us with a large pair of *assets* and giving some serious Lady Dimitrescu vibes. Our fears are justified because you only have to look at what they did with Litten. Starting out as a cuddly tabby, Litten kept this cute as a button look for its second-stage Torracat, only to turn into a gym-jacked Incineroar. Once bitten, twice shy, and you can bet Sprigatito is destined for a similar yassification.

Sprigatito's Final Form Will Be A Furry - Get Used To It?

Let's open up the date about how Game Freak has continued to humanise Pokemon as the generations have gone on. To be fair, Digimon did it decades ago when the Pikachu-esque Patamon turned into the shredded and Jesus-like Angelmon for no apparent reason. Still, there's something decidedly off about it in something like Pokemon


Thankfully, the internet seems safe(ish) for Sprigatito and its final form for now. Whereas the likes of Gardevoir, Primarina, Meloetta, and Braxien are involved in some pretty raunchy fan fiction and fan art, we don't know enough about Sprigatito to figure out what it will become. On the plus side, Spriggy might not be alone. We also think Quaxly could evolve into some sort of buff naval marine, while Fuecoco could turn into literally anything. 

We've resigned ourselves to the fact Sprigatito will be standing on two legs and swishing its tail like some sort of Tawnya Bandicoot seductress, but in some weird world this doesn't happen, there are sure to be other new Gen 9 introductions that people are plastering on their walls. It's just the way the video game world is these days, and hey, at least furries are being fairly represented.


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