Pokemon Players Think Greavard Is A Missed Opportunity In Gen 9

Pokemon Players Think Greavard Is A Missed Opportunity In Gen 9
Images: The Pokemon Company

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Joseph Kime


26th Oct 2022 11:44

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have really crept up on us despite The Pokemon Company positively bombarding us with teaser videos. The games are set to introduce some pretty revolutionary features to the world of Pokemon, which were teased possible in Legends: Arceus and could end up truly rocking the franchise. 

But, some players are sceptical that a new generation so soon after the last can really justify its existence. And now, as a new Pokemon called Greavard is unveiled, fans are pointing out a minor missed opportunity that could foreshadow a mess to come.

Pokemon Fans Are Confused By Greavard's Ability

The English site for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has revealed some fresh information about the new Pokemon arriving in the latest generation, and fans have pointed out that Greavard has a pretty nonsensical ability when compared to its PokeDex entry.

Greavard, the Ghost Dog Pokemon, is pretty cute at first glace, but according to its PokeDex entry, it's pretty nasty. "It has powerful jaws that can shatter bones - a single bite from Greavard can be grievous!" reads the post.

So surely its ability should be something to do with its vicious bite, right? Namely Strong Jaw? Greavard has no such luck - and for some reason, has the ability Pickup. It's great that Grevard can run off and bring you back items you might've missed, but it's hardly Strong Jaw amping up its bite ability.


Fans React To Greavard's Bizarre Ability

Fans are intrigued by the bizarre ability choice for the Pokemon, and some are theorising that the Ghost Dog won't just have Pickup for very long. "Calling it now, its evolution will get Strong Jaw just like when Yamper evolves to Boltund in SwSh," says one commenter on a Reddit post pointing out the strange ability.

"Its strong jaws are best used for picking up items," says another. Either way, chomping or not, Greavard has become a fan-favourite like Lechonk and Smoliv in the mere hours since it was revealed. Still, the bizarre choice of giving Greavard Pickup has players wondering what else lies in wait, hidden in PokeDex entries. With talk about a Pokemon that's literally an engine, chances are, it's about to get weirder.

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