Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Uncovers More New Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Uncovers More New Pokemon
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Joseph Kime


10th Jan 2023 10:32

We're not that far removed from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and already, fans want more. Are your ready to expand your Pokedex with some familiar faces?

It's no surprise that most have already blitzed through the game's campaign, and even complete their national dex, with those leftover players desperate for more adventures across the world of Pokemon.

Fans are hoping that, not unlike Sword & Shield, The Pokemon Company will opt for DLC for each of the new games rather than add a final game to their lineage - and it looks like that could be the case thanks to some new leaks.

New Pokemon Leaks Reveal New Suicune Form

A new datamine from Twitter user Kaphotics has revealed that there is definitely new content on the way to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, including a new form for two new Pokemon.

Two new Pokemon moves have been found in the game files, with the first being called Hydro Steam. This is set to be the signature move of the new Paradox Suicune - a form of the classic legendary dog Pokemon that is expected to be either a Water/Fire or Ice/Fire Type.

There is also a move called Psyblade, which is poised to be the signature move of Paradox Virizion, expected to be a Grass/Psychic or Fighting/Psychic Pokemon.

What Type Will Paradox Suicune Be?

Though this is exciting news, and the return of the water dog is great for classic fans, there is a lot of dispute in the Pokemon community as to what type its new form will take.

Some are confident that it will retain its water type, as after all, that's its defining characteristic alongside Entei and Raikou. Other leakers are indicating that it will ditch its water typing when it transforms into its Paradox form entirely.

The fact the move is called Hydro Steam - and given the nature of Paradox Pokemon - could we really see Scarlet & Violet's Suicine emerge as a Fire-Water type? Let's be honest, stranger things have happened. 

Only time will tell what type the Pokemon will take, but frankly, it's exciting news that we're getting a new Suicune in the first place. Now bring Entei and Raikou back, you cowards.

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