Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fans Lose It Over Sprigatito Evolutions

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fans Lose It Over Sprigatito Evolutions
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Joseph Kime


9th Nov 2022 10:45

Leaks are everywhere right now for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and like the sickos we are, we're peering in on Reddit losing its minds and nodding our heads. We reported that fake leaks are circling the internet and trolling players who think they've been lucky enough to get an early copy of the new games, but very real leaks are out and about right now.

Although there are plenty of secrets from both Scarlet and Violet being hidden from us, it's not for long. There's a lot to uncover, plenty to see, and even more to discern in the new region. Fans are most intrigued by what the game's three starter Pokemon will be evolving into. Although we know, we don't know how to feel.

Warning: massive Pokemon Scarlet and Violet spoilers ahead

Sprigatitio's Final Evolution Has Leaked.

We finally have a leaked look at what the evolutions of the adorable Grass Cat Pokemon, Sprigatito, will look like. We'd guessed as much, but it seems as though fans' worst fears have come true. They anthropomorphised the poor thing.

Reddit has exposed the leak in an image from the game, revealing that the Pokemon is named Meowscarada and is dubbed the Magician Pokemon. It stands on its hind legs in an uncomfortably humanoid visage, which is exactly what fans didn't want.

Pokemon has a habit of forcing its creatures into humanoid form, to such a degree that it has become something of a meme. Alongside the middle evolution of Floragato, Meowscarada is further proof that the series can't just let a cat be a cat. It's a big shame to see Pokemon fall back into its irritating habits, but we'll have to accept the fact that Sprigatito has been turned into a little magician. Sob.

Fans React To Sprigatito's Anthromophisation

Fans are taking to Reddit to express their concern, confusion, and outright hatred of Meowscarada. And there's a lot of hatred. "This thing is legit a human in a fursuit lmfao, terrible," says one user. "2nd evo showed promise but this is just terrible," said a particularly disappointed Redditor.

"I just can't see this thing as an animal. It looks like it works as a fortune teller in the sketchy area of a city and goes by Madam Leaf or some s**t." It's heartbreaking to see people's expectations and hopes dashed unceremoniously - but that's our fault for engaging with leaks in the first place. Nobody wins. Except for furries and Pokemon pornographers.

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