Pokemon Black & White remake rumours ramp up after Teal Mask

Pokemon Black & White remake rumours ramp up after Teal Mask
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Megan Cooke


14th Sep 2023 19:13

More ties between the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC and Pokemon Black and White have been discovered, causing rumours of a potential remake to ramp up.

Since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were remade in 2021, fans have thought that Black and White would be coming soon. Hints in the latest Pokemon content seem to suggest they may not be completely wrong.

There are ties between the upcoming Scarlet and Violet DLC and Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask have a few links to Pokemon Black and White which have made fans of the game excited at the potential for a remake in the near future.

In August’s Pokemon Direct, a new character, who will be in the DLC, named Drayton was introduced. Fans were quick to note that Drayton is similar to Drayden one of the gym leaders of Opelucid City, both in their names and appearances.

However, a new hint was recently revealed as Jacq introduces Briar, a teacher at Blueberry Academy.

Jacq says: “That’s a school in the Unova region, you know. Ms. Briar helps set the curriculum there.”

Unova is the location of Pokemon Black and White and the sequels, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, and whether or not the DLC ventures into the reason, it is yet another tie to the beloved DS games.

Another potential hint that a remake is coming is that all but one of the Pokemon which are yet to appear in any Switch games are from the Unova region, leaving room for them to be added at a later date.

Fans are discussing what they would include in their perfect Black and White remake.

Some Pokemon fans were not too happy about how the last remakes, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, turned out.

For this reason, there have been ample discussions online of what fans of the original game and its sequel would like to see in a remake.

Ranging from increased boss difficulty levels to a return to pixel art and even a more modern Pokemon Black 3 and White 3, there were plenty of suggestions on offer.

A common thought was that people didn't even want a remake at all.

One user shared a comment that sums up the feeling well: "Honestly just don't even remake it, just port it. It's aged perfectly."

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