Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC has a surprising Black & White Easter egg

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC has a surprising Black & White Easter egg
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Joseph Kime


9th Aug 2023 14:40

Yesterday's Pokemon Presents was admittedly pretty rubbish. Unless you're into the idea of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC, then it was really good.

The event revealed some new looks at the new locations we'll be exploring, friends we'll be making, and Pokemon we'll be forcing to massacre their own kin, and all in all, it looks like a pretty fun package. There's clearly plenty yet to come from the game, and with the upcoming Mewtwo and Mew events coming, it doesn't look to be feathering the brakes any time soon.

But some fans think that some of these new inclusions are harkening back to a cult-classic region of Pokemon - and as such, they reckon they're set to make a comeback.

Pokemon S&V seem to reference Black & White

A new character is coming to the upcoming two-part DLC The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is Drayton, a laid-back trainer who is a part of the BB League, the battling circuit that exists as a part of the Blueberry Academy.

Drayton is vaguely familiar to some fans, and eagle-eyed players have pointed out that he's very similar to Black and White's Dragon-type gym leader Drayden who occupies Opelucid City, and it isn't just down to his name.

Plus, it's notable that his Pokemon Archaludon has a form of its own that looks very much like a modern bridge - the very same bridge design that you'll see peppered across the Unova region.

Coincidence or not, fans have pointed out the new DLC's connections to the classic region - and they're taking that as the green light for a series of remakes. Though we might want to pump the brakes there a little.

Is Pokemon S&V hinting at a Black & White Remake?

The key art for Pokemon White and Pokemon Black.
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Fans have leapt to the presumption that this means we're getting the long-awaited remakes of the Unova games - but there's every chance that this is just a sweet easter egg.

After all, Paldea and Unova aren't set in different worlds, and are part of a wider world that is the many Pokemon regions. Maybe the kid is from Unova, or simply wants to pay homage to it. This doesn't necessarily mean we're getting those remakes soon.

That being said, The Pokemon Company does love a good remake, so they may be working on them quietly. We're just going to have to wait and see if something comes of this - but given how long we had to wait for the DLC release dates, we could be waiting for some time.

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