Indigo Disc’s extra Paradox Pokemon could come at a price

Indigo Disc’s extra Paradox Pokemon could come at a price
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22nd Nov 2023 17:05

The second DLC pack for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is peeking around the corner, and its arrival is likely to spell the end of new content for the game before The Pokemon Company looks to new pastures. Having just got to explore Paldea, we're not sure we're ready to say goodbye yet.

Luckily, there's plenty of content to go before the game's big sleep and many more Pokemon to catch - but that might be a little more sensitive than usual.

More Paradox Pokemon are coming to Scarlet & Violet

Paradox Pokemon have become a curious feature of Scarlet & Violet, offering new versions of existing Pokemon with peculiar design twists. Among those are some highly sought-after legendary beasts.

There are two trios yet to be completed in the upcoming DLC, namely Paradox Entei and Paradox Terrakion, but some rumours indicate that it won't be as easy as just booting up the game and catching them when The Indigo Disc releases. 

Leaks claim that the aforementioned Paradox Pokemon will be coming to the game, along with the likes of an evolution for Dipplin, "Raging Bolt" and "Iron Crown" - but there's a problem with the two most crucial arrivals.

Fans think two important Pokemon will be locked behind time-exclusive events

As pointed out by Screen Rant, the very fact that Paradox Entei and Paradox Terrakion are present on this list without any kind of visuals on the beasts hints to fans that these Pokemon won't actually come to the DLC itself. Instead, they could be a time-exclusive raid event that comes after its launch.

This is great at the moment, but it indicates that, yet again, Pokemon will become close to inaccessible after the passing of the event. It means that players coming to the games years from now will never get to complete their Pokedexes.

It's a frustration that many have had before, and unless Pokemon is willing to set the record straight, it looks like we'll be having it again. Sorry to future players, but you might need your own time travel trickery to catch those elusive Paradox Pokemon. 

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