Warframe Neural Sensors: How To Farm Neural Sensors

Warframe Neural Sensors: How To Farm Neural Sensors
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18th Apr 2022 13:30

Warframe Neural Sensors are a component that can be used to craft items, but they are exceedingly rare, with them only being found in a few specific locations in the galaxy. Warframe gives players a tonne of options for setting their own goals in-game, with farming and crafting considered a major part of the experience. So, if you are on the hunt for some Warframe Neural Sensors, we'll give you a rundown of where to find them. 

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Warframe Neural Sensors: What Are Neural Sensors?

Warframe Neural Sensors
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Neural Sensors are a rare crafting component that allows you to create Warframe systems and some weapons. Due to their rarity they are a highly sought-after item, but they cannot be sold with credits. If you want to earn them without picking them up as loot, you will need to exchange 10 Platinum for one in the market. You can also purchase a blueprint for manufacturing them for 100 Platinum. 

When crafting one, it will require 15,000 credits, 50,000 Alloy Plates, 50,000 Nano Spores, and 25,000 Salvage, with a total manufacturing time of one hour, but this can be skipped with two Platinum. 

Warframe Neural Sensors: How To Farm Neural Sensors

Warframe Neural Sensors farming
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When it comes to farming Neural Sensor drops, there are a few key locations where you can find them in high quantities. It's also worth noting that the enemies with the best drop rate currently are the Alad V and Raptors. The best place to collect them is in the Kuva Fortress, inside the Taveuni area where there is a survival mission. This is easier if you've been playing for a while and have the means to take on a lot of enemies, but completing this over and over should net you a fair few. 

The second-best location is the Dark Sector survival mission in Cameria on Jupiter. Jupiter is a great place for farming Neural Sensors in general, but with the 20% increased drop rate from the Dark Sector bonus, you'll be able to grab a fair few. The best tip for this is to find a doorway and let the enemies come to you. 


Another quick and easy way, is to do the Assassination Alad V mission in Themisto on Jupiter. Your objective here is to dash through the mission as quickly as possible while grabbing any loot containers and destroying the lockers you see. Killing Alad V at the end is also guaranteed to get you a few Neural Sensors, so replaying this mission several times is a good choice. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Warframe Neural Sensors, and now you know what they are and some of the best spots in the game for finding them.

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