How To Get The Phenmor In Warframe

How To Get The Phenmor In Warframe
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4th May 2022 18:24

The Warframe Phenmor is a powerful Incarnon weapon, meaning it's been altered by the Void to become more powerful a can be upgraded with buffs during use. Warframe has many weapons along with weapon types that can change and alter them from their standard form. So if you want access to a strong Incarnon weapons, here's how to get the Warframe Phenmor. 

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What Is The Phenmor?

Warframe Phenmor
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The Phenmor an Incarnon cerominial rifle that has been evolved from exposure to the Void to become more powerful. This means that even though it's a semi-automatic rifle in its standard form, after hitting headshots it will temporarily transform to become a fully automatic weapon that deals bonus radiation damage. You'll need to hit 12 headshots to activate this form, and it will last until the 408 round magazine is expired, or you press alt fire. 

In its standard mode it deals mostly slash damage but also deals some puncture damage that is removed in the Incarnon form. In addition to this extra form, the weapon itself can be evolved up to five times by meeting certain criteria and visiting the Cavalero character to choose perks - our breakdown for finding him is located below. The five upgrades and their criteria are in the table below.

Evolution Perk One Perk Two Perk Three
Incarnon Form - Kill 100 enemies n/a n/a n/a
Evolution II - Kill eight Warframe Eximus enemies +50% accuracy and -50% recoil +20% fire rate +80% projectile speed
Evolution II - hit 20 headshots on Void Angels +50% magazine capacity +100% reload speed after reloading from empty 20% chance for instant reload on headshot kills
Evolution IV - Close 12 ruptures in Void Flood +10% critical chance and status chance +50% more incarnation on headshots +20% status chance and -10% critical chance
Evolution V - Do a solo mission with Incarnon weapons in each slot 50% chance to 2000% damage on non-critical hits +100% critical chance on enemies with fewer than three status effects +50% headshot damage after hitting two quick headshots


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How To Get The Phenmor

Warframe Phenmor crafting
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To get the Phenmor weapon, you will need to build it yourself or trade for it. You can purchase the blueprint from Cavalero, a Holdfast vendor who is located in the centre of the Chrysalith hub on Zariman. You'll need to be a rank two member of the Holdfast syndicate before purchasing it, and it will cost a total of 6000 Standing. You can also trade for the blueprint. 

Once you have the blueprint for the Phenmor, you can build it with 30,000 Credits, 15 Voidplume Pinion, 20 Voidplume Quill, 6000 Alloy Plate, and 15 Entrati Lanthorn. It will take 24 hours to manufacture, but it can be rushed for 35 Platinum. 


That's all for our breakdown of the Warframe Phenmor weapon, and now you know what it does, it's potential upgrades, and how to build it yourself.

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