How To Farm Entrati Lanthorn In Warframe

How To Farm Entrati Lanthorn In Warframe
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6th May 2022 15:05

The Entrati Lanthorn is a brand-new resource that's been added to Warframe in the latest expansion, Angels of the Zariman, giving players another resource to chase for manufacturing equipment. A core part of the Warframe game loop is farming different resources that are used for upgrading and crafting more powerful gear and weapons. This goes especially so for the newer content, so if you want to know how to farm Warframe Entrati Lanthorn. 

What Is Entrati Lanthorn In Warframe?

Warframe Entrati Lanthorn
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The Warframe Entrati Lanthorn is a new rare resource that can be found in the Zariman Ten Zero ship that was added to the game in the recent April expansions, Angels of the Zariman. It doesn't have a tonne of uses yet due to how new it is, but this will likely grow over time. Currently, it can be used as an ingredient to create the Alternox and Warframe Phenmor weapons, along with the Chassis for the Gyre frame. Lastly, it can be used for gaining ranks in the Holdfast syndicate. It's also untradable and cannot be sold on the market, so you will need to go out and farm the resource yourself to use it. 

How To Farm Entrati Lanthorn In Warframe

Warframe Entrati Lanthorn farm
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You can only earn this resource from taking part in missions on the Zariman. The best way to farm this is by completing the Exterminate and Mobile Defence missions, as Entrati Lanthorn has a 10% drop rate as a reward once you finish. The Void Armageddon, Void Cascade, and Void Flood missions also give you a chance to earn it, but at a lower rate of 6.67%. You can also get them through bounties, but they have the lowest drop rate, so sticking to Exterminate and Mobile Defence for purely farming the resource is your best bet. 


That's all for our guide on how to farm the Warframe Entrati Lanthorn resource, and now you know what it can be used to craft, along with the best ways to track it down. 

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