Where is Baro Ki'Teer today (March 8 - 10) in Warframe & what is he selling?

Where is Baro Ki'Teer today (March 8 - 10) in Warframe & what is he selling?
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Baro Ki'Teer is Warframe's biweekly vendor of rare items that players can visit to spend their Orokin Ducats on his wares. Each time he visits one of the relays, he brings a smattering of useful and rare items, and plenty of cosmetics for the fashion-conscious.

If you're in the market for some exotic goods, here is everything you need to know about when Baro Ki-Teer will appear in the game, and what his current or most recent inventory was.

Where was Baro Ki'Teer on March 8 - 10?

Baro Ki'Teer was on the concourse of the Kronia Relay at Saturn. He is no longer present, but he will show up again after two weeks, on March 22, 2024. He appears on Fridays at 6 AM PT/9 AM ET/ 2 PM GMT.

If you want to be precisely sure when he will arrive in your time zone, you can visit the Ducat Kiosk in any of the Relays to see a countdown timer to his next arrival. Once he appears, this will change to a timer for how long he will remain.

What was Baro Ki'Teer selling?

Each time he appears, Baro Ki'Teer brings a different inventory of items for you to purchase. This generally includes some mods, a couple of weapons, and many cosmetic items. His most recent offerings were as follows:

Baro Ki'teer's stock for March 8 to 10
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Weapons & mods

Item Cost
Supra Vandal 500 Ducats, 275,000 Credits
Prisma Twin Gremlins 500 Ducats, 220,000 Credits
Primed Tactical Pump 300 Ducats, 140,000 Credits
Buzz Kill 375 Ducats, 150,000 Credits
Primed Target Cracker 400 Ducats, 150,000 Credits

Cosmetics & Miscellaneous

Item Cost
Rhino Palatine Sigil 45 Ducats, 55,000 Credits
Left Eos Prime Shoulder Plates 50 Ducats, 75,000 Credits
Right Eos Prime Shoulder Plates 50 Ducats, 75,000 Credits
Eos Prime Chest Plate 125 Ducats, 75,000 Credits
Left Eos Prime Spurs 65 Ducats, 50,000 Credits
Right Eos Prime Spurs 65 Ducats, 50,000 Credits
Ki'teer Syandana 500 Ducats, 500,000 Credits
Ki'teer Arrow Skin 375 Ducats, 300,000 Credits
3-Day Resource Booster 400 Ducats, 150,000 Credits
Ki'teer Atmos Diadem 525 Ducats, 375,000 Credits
Liset Cydonia Skin 400 Ducats, 300,000 Credits
Diriga Desert-Camo Skin 225 Ducats, 150,000 Credits
Pack Leader Emblem 50 Ducats, 50,000 Credits
Ki'teer Ephemera 100 Ducats, 150,000 Credits
Deimos Lobotriscid Prex 75 Ducats, 100,000 Credits
Empyrean Vignette 155 Ducats, 200,000 Credits
Garv & Latrox Poster 80 Ducats, 100,000 Credits
Reshantur Cult Spear Skin 350 Ducats, 325,000 Credits
Noggle Statue - The New War Teshin 75 Ducats, 300,000 Credits
Sands of Inaros Blueprint 100 Ducats, 25,000 Credits
Fae Path Ephemera 15 Ducats, 1,000 Credits

How often does Baro Ki'Teer appear in Warframe?

Baro Ki'Teer with his hands together in front of a blue background
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As mentioned, Baro Ki'Teer appears every two weeks, and always on a Friday. You can check any of the Ducat Kiosks to find out when he is set to appear next, and if he will appear this week or next.

As well as checking the kiosks, you can see an icon on the Star Chart showing his upcoming arrival 24 hours before he is set to appear. If that isn't enough, an automated message is sent to every player from Baro Ki'Teer when he becomes available.

There are plenty of ways to keep track of when Baro is going to show up, and where he will be. You can even query the game about his status by sending "when baro" in the chat.

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That is it for our rundown of Baro Ki'Teer for March 8 - 10. For more, head to our Warframe homepage where we have guides for playing the game on iOS, codes to get free items, how to redeem Amazon Prime Gaming rewards, and much more.

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