How To Craft Stellated Necrathene In Warframe

How To Craft Stellated Necrathene In Warframe
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26th May 2022 11:57

You may want to know how to farm Stellated Necrathene in Warframe, as it's a very useful resource for manufacturing a powerful weapon and some components. While many resources in Warframe can be easily farmed, Stellated Necrathene is an example of a resource that can only be crafted by farming another resource first. So if you need some Warframe Stellated Necrathene, here's our guide on how to craft it by farming Necrathene. 

What Is Stellated Necrathene In Warframe?

What is Stellated Necrathene In Warframe?
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Stellated Necrathene is a refined resource made of pure Necrathene which can be used to craft a powerful weapon called the Catobolyst, and specific components for a K-Drive hoverboard and Voidrig mechsuit. It's a tradeable resource, and the blueprint for crafting it can be purchased from Otak of the Entrati Syndicate for 4000 standing. To find Otak, head to the Necralist in Deimos, but you will need to be rank two before being allowed to purchase it.

Each time you craft Stellated Necrathene, it will yield a total of six, with the blueprint requiring 1000 Credits and six Necrathene. You may wonder how to farm Necrathene then?


How To Farm Necrathene In Warframe

How to farm Necrathene In Warframe?
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Necrathene is a gem resource, and they can be only be used to craft Stellated Necrathene, or exchanged with Otak for Otak Tokens which are used to gain standing with the Entrati. The only place to farm Necrathene is in the Cambion Drift, which is a wide open expanse located on Deimos. 

To farm them, you will need to look out for mineral veins that are coloured teal, or Requiem Pylons. Going up to either and interacting with them will net you a few Necrathene, so it won't take long to earn enough for crafting Stellated Necrathene. 

That's our primer on how to craft Stellated Necrathene in Warframe, and now you should be able to farm raw Necrathene and then use it to help you craft powerful gear. 

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