Best Warframe Sevagoth Builds And Abilities

Best Warframe Sevagoth Builds And Abilities
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5th May 2022 16:45

You'll want to know the best Warframe Sevagoth builds and abilities if you are looking to make use of this powerful frame. Warframe's gameplay revolves around the use of special suits called Warframes, which contain unique abilities and weapons, letting you rampage around the galaxy in various missions. So if you need to know the best Warframe Sevagoth builds and abilities, including how to create the suit, we've got you covered. 

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Warframe Sevagoth Abilities

Warframe Sevagoth Abilities
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The Sevagoth Warframe is inspired by death, with a boney exterior and dark purple accents across the hands and helmet. You can also claim an alternate helmet called the Lucifuge Helmet, which removes the point on the hood and adds more twisted purple into the mix. 

The abilities of the Sevagoth Warframe are quite complex, as they have a different set depending on whether they are in standard or shadow form. Essentially, Sevagoth can turn into a shadow form when reaching level ten, giving it a new set of moves, animations, and a unique look. This also ties in the suit's passive, as when you die and begin to bleed out, your body will turn into a tombstone while you enter shadow form, letting you consume the souls of enemies to revive yourself. 

Here are the standard Sevagoth abilities:

  • Reap - Sends out a shadow to hit enemies in your path, and enemies who die fill your Death Well.
  • Sow - Plant a death seed nearby to drain enemies of life. Reap it to detonate enemies that have been hit, and also collect more souls for the Death Well. 
  • Gloom - Summon a radial pulse that ensnares and slows enemies, siphoning their lifeforce for Death Well.
  • Exalted Shadow - When the Death Well is above 75%, you can enter shadow form.

Here are the shadow Sevagoth abilities:

  • Embrace - Ghostly hand pulls enemies into a flailing mass.
  • Consume - Dash through enemies while ripping out their souls for healing.
  • Death's Harvest - Inflict nearby enemies with a harrowing condition.
  • Reunite - Sevagoth returns to standard form. 
  • Shadow Claws - This isn't an ability, but in shadow form you can attack with these, dealing slash damage with a high crit chance.

Warframe Sevagoth: How To Build

Warframe Sevagoth: How To Build
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Before you can build the Warframe Sevagoth suit, you will need to acquire the blueprints, which consists of the main piece, and the Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems blueprints. To get the main blueprint, you will need to complete the quest called Call of the Tempestarii.

The remaining three ones can be earned as rewards for taking part in Void Storm missions in Neptune Proxima, Pluto Proxima, and Veil Proxima. These have a 10% chance to drop, so you may have to repeat the missions frequently to gain all the blueprints.


Once you have all the blueprints and want to build them you need to go to your Foundry. The Chassis blueprint requires 15,000 Credits, eight Morphics, 650 Cryotic, two Nullstones, and 3300 Alloy Plate. The Neuroptics blueprint needs 15,000 Credits, six Warframe Neural Sensors, 1200 Titanium, 750 Rubedo, and 2750 Salvage.

The Systems blueprint requires 15,000 Credits, two Argon Crystals, 250 Oxium, 15 Asterite, and 2950 Nano Spores. Lastly, the main blueprint needs 25,000 Credits, all three pieces of the suit, and three Orokin Cells. 

Warframe Sevagoth Builds

Warframe Sevagot builds
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Once you have your Sevagoth Warframe ready and equipped, you'll need the right weapons and mods to use. With Sevagoth we sugest sticking to his exalted weapons, such as the shadow form and claws. For mods, there are a few really powerful ones you can equip. These are:

  • Growing Power - Applying status effects with weapons increases ability strength by 25% for six seconds.
  • Power Drift - +15% ability strength and +30% chance to resist knockdown.
  • Adaption - If damaged, you receive +10% resistance to that damage type for 20 seconds, stacking up to 90% resistance.
  • Stretch - +45% ability range.
  • Fleeting Expertise - +50% ability efficiency and -50% ability duration.
  • Streamline - +25% ability efficiency.
  • Primed Continuity - +55% ability duration.
  • Umbral Intensity - +55% ability strength and +13.8% Tau resistance.
  • Umbral Vitality - +550% health and 13.8% Tau resistance.
  • Transient Fortitude - +55% ability strength and -27.5% ability duration.

That's all for our breakdown of the best Warframe Sevagoth builds and abilities, and now you know how to create the Sevagoth frame, and make the most of its power.

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