Best Warframe Chroma Builds And Abilities

Best Warframe Chroma Builds And Abilities
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You may want to know the best Warframe Chroma builds and abilities if you're looking . Despite how long that the Warframe has been in the game, it's continued to be one of the most popular due to its abilities and powerful Prime version. So if you need to know how to build the Warframe Chroma suit, along with learning its abilities and best builds, read on. 

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Warframe Chroma Abilities

Warframe Chroma Abilities
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The Chroma Warframe takes some inspiration from the look of samurais and features a vibrant red colour scheme. It also comes with a tonne of additional cosmetics for changing the overall look of the suit and its helmet, with some highlights being the Drac Helmet, Kaiju Helmet, Immortal Skin, Graxx Skin, and Dynasty Wings.

Chroma has two main passives: one lets him gain an extra midair jump and bullet jump, while the other lets him alter the elemental effects of abilities by changing the primary emission colour in the Appearance page for your Warframe. This allows you to really specialise your Chroma character and change what elements you'll need depending on the mission and enemies. 

The Chroma abilities are:

  • Spectral Scream - Exhale a deep breath of elemental destruction. Tap to cycle through elements and hold to cast.
  • Elemental Ward - Depending on the elemental effect in use, cast an area-of-effect to deal damage and increase the defense of yourself and nearby allies. 
  • Vex Armour - When shields are hit, Chroma and nearby allies' armour grows stronger, and if your health is hit, you'll gain increased weapon damage. 
  • Effigy - Chroma turns his pelt into a massive sentry that increases ally strength and deals massive elemental damage.

Warframe Chroma: How To Build

Warframe Chroma how to build
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To build the full Chroma Warframe, you will need to acquire four different blueprints, allowing you to build the suit's Chassis, Neuroptics, Systems, and then combine them. To get the main blueprint, you will need to finish The New Strange quest from your Codex. The other parts are earned as rewards for finishing solo Junction missions. The Chassis blueprint is a reward for the Neptune Junction, Neuroptics is a reward for the Uranus Junction, and Systems is gained from the Pluto Junction. 


After getting each blueprint, you can take them to the Foundry and craft them with the correct resources. The Chassis blueprint requires 15,000 Credits, two Warframe Neurodes, 900 Salvage, 50 Plastids, and the Frost Warframe Chassis. The Neuroptics part needs you to gather 15,000 Credits, 200 Plastids, two Warframe Neural Sensors, 350 Polymer Bundles, and the Ember Warframe Neuroptics. The Systems blueprint can be builds with 15,000 Credits, 400 Oxium, two Argon Crystals, one Neurodes, and the Saryn Warframe Systems. Finally, you can put all these pieces together with 25,000 Credits, and the Volt Warframe Neuroptics to create the full suit. 

Warframe Chroma Prime: How To Build

Warframe Chroma Prime
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If you've built the standard version of the Chroma Warframe, you'll then be able to think about manufacturing the Prime version, which comes with increased armour, energy capacity, and more polarities. 

To get each of the blueprints, you will need to get lucky and open Void Relics which contain them. The Chassis blueprint can be gained from the Axi R2, Meso C5, Meso D4, Meso K2, Meso L1, Meso T3, and Neo Z8 Void Relics. The Neuroptics is in significantly less of these, but is a rare drop from the Lith C3, Lith C4, and Lith C8 relics. The Systems blueprint can be dropped from the Axi C3, Axi C4, meso C4, Meso R4, and Neo C1 relics, and finally, the main blueprint is a drop from the Axi A6, Axi D1, Axi G5, Axi T5, Meso B4, Meso P1, Meso Z3, and Neo K2 Relic Drops. 

The Chassis blueprint can be built with 15,000 Credits, two Nitain Extract, 10 Warframe Control Modules, 1600 Rubedo, and 7800 Salvage. The Neuroptics blueprint requires 15,000 Credits, four Neurodes, 1750 Circuits, 450 Plastids, and 4750 Nano Spores. The Systems blueprint can be built for 15,000 Credits, two Argon Crystals, five Neural Sensors, 1775 Polymer Bundles, and 4000 Ferrite. Finally, you can put together all the Prime piece with 25,000 Credits and five Orokin Cells.

Warframe Chroma Builds

Warframe Chroma Builds
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With your Chroma or the Prime version now built, you'll want to combine the right mods with it to increase the power and make it more effective. There are some extremely powerful effects you can earn from mods, so use the following:

  • Growing Power - Applying status effects with weapons increases your ability strength by 25% for six seconds.
  • Power Drift - +15% ability strength and +30% chance to resist knockdown.
  • Primed Flow - +275% energy max
  • Umbral Vitality - +770% health and +19.3% Tau resistance.
  • Umbral Intensify - +77% ability strength and 19.3% Tau resistance.
  • Umbral Fiber - +192.5% armour and 19.3% Tau resistance.
  • Adaption - When damaged, you gain +10% resistance to that damage type for 20 seconds, stacking up to 90%.
  • Augur Secrets - +24% ability strength and 40% energy spent on abilities is converted on shields. 
  • Narrow Minded - +99% ability duration and -66% ability range.
  • Primed Continuity - +55% ability duration.

That's all for our walkthrough of the best Warframe Chroma builds and abilities, and now you know how to create both the normal and Prime version, and then build them to be powerful.

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