Here's how you can farm Gyromag Systems in Warframe

Here's how you can farm Gyromag Systems in Warframe
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  • Gyromag Systems can be earned in two main ways from the Vox Solaris faction

Gyromag Systems in Warframe are a valuable crafting component used for creating items, weapons, and more, but they can only be earned in a select few ways.

The game has a tonne of components that players can seek out for crafting, and due to its free-form gameplay, players can set their own goals in terms of what they want to build. If your goal is to craft something that requires Gyromag Systems, check out how you can find them.

How to farm Gyromag Systems

There are currently two main ways to gather the Warframe Gyromag Systems, which both involve the Vox Solaris syndicate: completing Heist Bounties, and purchasing them from Little Duck.

Heist Bounties are offered on Fortuna, and see you taking down Orb Mothers to complete your objective.

You have a 25% chance to earn five of these for a successful mission, so this is a good way of getting a lot over a couple of hours of farming. You will need to reach the rank of Old Mate with the Solaris United before you can access these missions though. 

Little Duck vendor in Warframe
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If you prefer to buy instead, Little Duck can be found in a backroom on Fortuna, Venus. (pictured above) You'll need to gain the rank of Operative with the Vox Solaris before you can access their inventory, but Gyromags can then be purchased for 1000 Standing each.

Due to the daily limit on Standing per faction, I've found it's much quicker to farm Gyromag Systems from Heist Bounties first, and then purchase any extras that you need. 

What are Gyromag Systems?

Gyromag Systems are a crafting component that's required for several blueprints. Here are all the items that currently require Gyromags in the game:

Blueprint Item Type No. of Gyromag Systems needed
Cantic Prism Amp 3
Gravimag Enhancement 10 (1 for research)
Klamora Prism Amp 3
Lega Prism Amp 3
Plinx Secondary Weapon 10
Xaku Chassis Component 5

In the Warframe lore, they are described as being used to regulate the latitude and altitude of various systems, making them essential for low-gravity environments. If you need to use the Gyromag Systems to build all of the above blueprints, you will need 35 in total.

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